Now that we’ve covered everything you need to do to prepare, let’s take an in-depth look at how to organize and start recruiting your dream team.

– Start by searching in the right places

Where you post your job posting can have a huge influence on the type of people who apply. On top of that, you should be aware that not all marketers are in the same places on the web. For example, if you are looking for a designer, you should go to sites like 99designs or DesignCrowd to find the top design and graphics experts in the country. If you are looking for someone who can manage your social networks, you will probably find her directly on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and for a digital content specialist, therefore check out specialized blogs related to your industry. .

However, while different types of marketers can be found in different corners of the internet, they all share one common place: LinkedIn. Knowing Paraguay WhatsApp Number List how to proactively contact someone on LinkedIn is a sure-fire way to target the candidates you actually want to recruit.

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– Build relationships and networking

Regarding LinkedIn, you should consider posting your recruiting ad to see if someone in your network could potentially refer candidates. You can also advertise your vacancies on LinkedIn, and target people whose characteristics and skills exactly match the vacancies, but most of the time, a post on your profile with a link to your site web is sufficient.

Sometimes, however, you need to go back to basics and target your online audience with a specific social media marketing campaign. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, social media can be a great tool in helping you find candidates who are a good match for your needs.

Final tips for hiring your internal marketing team

Here are some tips that may help you refine and optimize your search.

– The perfect marketing team does not exist

No matter how hard you try to build your marketing team, get it into your head that there is no such thing as a “perfect team” model. There is no one-size-fits-all formula that can guarantee the success of your internal marketing team.

So invest your time, money and energy in building the best internal team for your current and future needs and goals.

It is not advisable to try to duplicate what other companies are doing and create a position on your team just because your competitor has done it. Your team structure should be unique to you and match your company’s vision and business goals.

– Try to find strategic marketers

Finding a balance between strategic marketers who can plan long-term goals and marketers who work on current goals is a great way to maximize your results. When building your marketing team, try to find marketers who are invested in both current campaigns and long term goals.

– Hire people with the right skills and the right company culture

For most businesses, this is probably the hardest goal to achieve, as there are marketers who are great at their job but don’t fit your corporate culture, and vice versa.

When people are not able to work together, it leads to a bad office atmosphere, friction, even ego or turf wars that can quickly break the dynamic of a team and halt the growth of the team. ‘business.

– Plan your recruitment in the right tempo

Too often, internal marketing teams wait for the challenge to arise before they start looking to grow. Unfortunately, most of the time, it is too late: colleagues are already overwhelmed with their tasks and close to burnout.

Instead of being a wait-and-seeker, you should be looking ahead and surrounding yourself with the right talent all the time before overloading your work team.


Building a marketing team for your business takes a lot of focus, care and attention. No matter what your competition is doing, you should never rush this process. Take your time, because at the end of the day, it is the members of your internal marketing team who will represent your business on a day-to-day basis.

Whenever you recruit a new member, be sure to do your best to get their adventure started on the right foot. For example, offering an onboarding package and training might be a good idea. It never hurts to go the extra mile to facilitate the start of a new employee and try to retain them.

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