The video sharing platform that is all the rage in 2020 by allowing its users to make short videos with special effects and music is booming with over 500 million monthly active users – most of them being online. adolescents and young adults.

It is observed that more and more brands are starting to use the services of the video sharing application to show their creative talent and be fashionable. However, as TikTok is still a recently successful app, many marketers are wondering if investing their marketing dollars in the app from China is really worth the effort …

In fact, that’s a legitimate question, especially since the app popular with young people has only recently launched a process of advertisements and hyperlink functions for brands.

The current finding is that the big brands on TikTok have done an excellent job of marketing using the app for brand awareness, but not enough to generate traffic or leads. They’re also leveraging TikTok to reach a younger audience and showcase a slightly lighter side of themselves through fun videos, hashtag challenges, and other platform-specific strategies.

As Tik Tok Is by Nature an Extremely Original App

Brands in turn need to be creative in order to really grab their audience’s attention. Thus, a simple advertisement or the support of a sponsored influencer is not necessarily synonymous with success for your advertising campaign on this innovative and hectic application.

While it’s still too early to comprehensively present the best TikTok marketing techniques and strategies, it’s still interesting to look at what some of the big brands are doing that have successfully ventured into the original world of marketing. video sharing application. In this article, we will therefore carefully observe the cases of 7 brands / companies / organizations that have achieved great marketing stunts on TikTok: Chipotle, the NBA, The Washington Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List Post, Guess, the San Diego Zoo, the Stay Tuned program on NBC and finally IFAD

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Case number 1: Chipotle
Chipotle is an ultra popular Mexican restaurant chain with over 55,000 fans on TikTok. She often posts videos that highlight certain items on their menu.

For example, on National Avocado Day in Mexico, Chipotle decides to broadcast “The Guacamole Song” with the caption: “  TFW guac is free. Online / in-app only 7/31 #GuacDance Terms: . ”

Not only was this video a perfect fit for the app, it also sparked a viral challenge called “#GuacDance”. In just one week, it has become the most popular challenge offered by a brand on TikTok until today. As part of the challenge, people posted videos in which They Dance With Lawyers.

People who were new to Chipotle’s menu offerings were able to participate in this challenge and learn more about the brand in the process. So if you need a creative way to try and grow your brand awareness quickly, launching a challenge on a social media platform can be a great experience. It will also allow you to reach potential new fans.

Case Number 1: The NBA

With its huge fan base estimated at over 5 million people, the NBA TikTok account mixes the highlights of the game with musical montages and fun moments.

Unlike his Instagram channel, which focuses solely on basketball games and the technical aspects of the game, the NBA’s TikTok posts show a lighter side to the organization that runs basketball in the US. For example, we regularly see videos of players training in a spectacular way to background music or the hilarious adventures of the mascots of the 30 teams that make up this league.

The goal of the NBA on TikTok is to bring fans into a more intimate atmosphere, sometimes even behind the scenes. This willingness to show a more personal side to the game makes it easy for audiences to relate to gamers, even for those of us who aren’t very connoisseurs.

In other business contexts, making your brand more personal can have the same effect. For example, if your restaurant’s TikTok account posts funny videos of dancing waiters, TikTokers will think your restaurant exudes happiness. It might even encourage them to come and eat there.

The Washington Post

The famous American benchmark newspaper, oddly enough, was one of the first to adopt TikTok. You’d expect some pretty serious content from The Washington Post, but on TikTok, nothing is working as it should.

The famous daily actually uses its account to post funny videos behind the scenes and from the newsroom. For example, we can see a video where journalists discuss the show “The Bachelorette” instead of debating the convention of the Democratic Party.

By using TikTok, the prestigious journal does not set out to proclaim itself as a major, serious and must-have American publication, as most people already know and respect its articles and opinions.

Instead, The Washington Post produces content tailored to a younger audience who want to be entertained above all else.

The unacknowledged goal is to show that journalists are people like everyone else, who can be trusted. Building a strong human relationship between the newspaper and its future audience is a pretty great idea.

The Washington Post has an image of a serious and intellectual daily. So this humble and fun new approach to marketing tries to attract young readers who want to find out about this kind of news, but are afraid the content will be too difficult for them. If your business is in the same industry, then try experimenting with a video strategy that shows a slightly lighter side of your brand, with the goal of making it less intimidating and reaching new audiences.

The High Fashion Company Was the First to Challenge TikTok.

Indeed, some time ago, Guess joined forces with TikTok for a challenge called “#InMyDenim”. This initiative aimed to encourage Tiktokers to film themselves in cool places while wearing the brand’s new line of jeans, all accompanied by the hit “I’m A Mess” by Bebe Rexha.

And it worked wonderfully: It became the first brand challenge to go viral on TikTok. Guess was able to show how a challenge on a highly visual platform like TikTok could quickly bring awareness to the product.

Such a challenge, which directly shows off the brand’s clothes worn by “normal” people, is a great way to attract new customers.

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