Marketing directors – or CMOs – have an incredible opportunity today. Armed with abundant data and powerful technology, leading creative and talented teams, they are better positioned than ever to generate profitable growth, develop winning strategies and help create superior customer experiences for their companies or businesses. .

So why, according to Deloitte, do only 26% of marketing directors regularly attend their company’s board meetings in 2021?

These 26% who have earned their place at the board table and the right to express their opinion on the management and running of the company are among the marketing directors of the best companies around the world, and we will show you in this article how they proceeded to achieve this goal.

Show that marketing is a driver of growth

As most ads will go digital by 2024 (around 60% of global ad spend will go digital), this will help make advertising performance more easily measurable for companies and businesses. Marketing teams will be able to measure the commercial impact of their marketing action with much more precision, which will allow them to trace a direct link between the marketing investment made and the profits made. Today’s machine learning-based platforms allow advertisers to set and achieve their business goals with confidence. This means that marketing Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List managers can prove and show administrators how the investments entrusted to them have turned into profitable growth. And that puts them in a position of strength.

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The first step of the Marketing Director is to convince everyone in the company that campaigns should be measured in terms of business impact, like revenue and profit, and not just in terms of media or marketing metrics. , like the notion of reach / reach, for example. To obtain buy-in from everyone internally, it is essential to work with the CFO to take the time to develop a dashboard capable of monitoring in near real time the commercial impact of the marketing investments made. Then it will be enough to continue to follow the performance indicators displayed in this dashboard to constantly refine the marketing investments,

Finally, to overcome any initial skepticism about the relevance and legitimacy of this dashboard that shows the business impact of your marketing action, start by limiting your action to a particular geographic area, such as a country or region. , or with a particular advertising channel. Invest as much as you can in a profitable advertising campaign in that area or channel, measure the results, then share them with all of your company’s senior management and administrators.

Take the example of Emily Callahan, Marketing Director at St Jude Children’s Hospital, who led a mission aimed at eliminating the compartments between the media and data analysis teams. To do this, she created a measurement dashboard encompassing the activity of all marketing contact points. His team used this data to change their online engagement strategy and constantly improve advertising performance, resulting in a 46% increase for the latest online donation campaign in 2020.

Use relevant insights to create a smart strategy

As Marketing Managers and their teams are often the closest members of the business to customers, they are well positioned to drive strategic change in an ever-changing, customer-centric world. You can implement these changes by uncovering the right data that can uncover customer trends, and then using that information to inform those in charge of your business.

In an age when many companies are undertaking data integration projects to break down existing compartments between different departments and create a 360-degree view of the customer, marketing managers can and know how to use the available data to find that insight and information. keys likely to generate significant profits.

Pamela Moy, former Vice President of Marketing at Allstate and now President of AMA Insurance has successfully undertaken this type of initiative. At Allstate, she and her team used the available data to find that only 1 in 5 customers knew that Allstate offered different types of insurance policies among those looking for information online, and only 1 in 3 understood the cost savings offered by bundled insurance policies. Pamela and her team then drew their conclusions, and changed Allstate’s sales strategy, quadrupling the company’s cross-selling volume and gaining new market share.

Transform the customer experience

While marketing managers are not necessarily in charge of all points of contact with customers, such as websites, apps, or physical stores, they are in the best position to be the voice of the customer and lead the way. constantly improving these touchpoints.

It starts with investing time to understand how users of digital devices approach your brand. Spend time researching, buying, and using your own products online – this is how most customers interact with you today. Go deep into your mobile website and compare that experience with that of your top performing competitors in the digital customer experience arena. Also test your different customer experiences from the online channel to the offline channel. Is the navigation easy and pleasant? Combine this qualitative effort with internal data such as the speed of your website and other categories of customer journey monitoring data. Constantly challenge your business models and sales channels,

Proving the value of marketing

The principles and examples just discussed demonstrate the ability of marketing to generate profitable growth, adopt new strategies and create incredible customer experiences, provided it is ready to implement sometimes radical changes in strategy. . Are not these efforts and this contribution to the development of the company worth at least a seat as a member on the board of directors? However, that remains for the owners and shareholders of the companies to judge.

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