Online customers are not always transparent, but a seasoned salesperson knows what to look for when. Interacting with customers face to face, or even over the phone. It could be subtle body movements. Changes in the tone of voice, or even little signs of hesitation. However, it is online buying signals that can. Be more difficult to pinpoint, making them easier to miss. The fact is, 93% of sales executives have not. Received any formal training on social selling, yet 90% of top performers include social media in their sales. Strategies, according to everyone social. So how can your sales team learn the new skills that will help. Them recognize online buying signals? Here are some tips to help bring your sales team into the digital age. Common questions signify interest common questions signify interest if someone asks a question, it is. Probably because they have seen something that piqued.

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Common questions that indicate interest include: product specifics: when someone inquires about a. Specific model, feature, cooler, or service, they Switzerland Phone Number are indicating they have something specific in mind. This. Means they are taking things one step further in their research and interest in your business. Warranty. Information: this type of question can have a number of purposes. First, they want to establish you are. Trustworthy, and second, they are coming closer to becoming a buyer. Delivery date: this is one of the. Clearest signs someone is ready to commit. Whether it is the delivery date, how soon something can go into. Production for their order, or how soon you can start their service, they are demonstrating an eagerness to. Get the ball rolling. The logical answer is a question: when do you need it? Contract details: questions. Related to standard contracts or terms and conditions are another sign a customer.

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Pricing: this is another end of the funnel discussion that is not often brought up unless they are ready to. Commit. Mode of payment also falls into this category of questions. Company details: no one will waste time. Asking questions about your company if they are not interested in what you are selling. Asking for more: if someone has made initial inquiries and follows up to get more details, or clarify certain aspects of. Their original questions, this is a good sign. They want to make sure they understand everything before they. Commit. Mild interest non-committal most people are polite when dealing with salespeople.

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