With the COVID-19 epidemic resurfacing at the end of the year, a big doubt hangs over the Christmas holidays. Are we going to be able to take advantage of the beautiful windows decorated for the occasion and of this unique and family atmosphere which brings so much pleasure to all?

Nothing is less sure. As experts have predicted for a few months already, these end-of-year celebrations are likely to be different and consumers will have to adapt, just like traders.

But the good news is that between the end of November (Black Friday) and the New Year, the French are expected to spend around twenty billion euros online, a figure up almost two billion compared to the same period. in 2018.

While physical outlets that do not have a digital sales channel are greatly concerned, e-merchants are rubbing their hands, as the trend showing an increase in online shopping year after year is bound to strengthen for these holidays. Christmas due to COVID-19. Many people, especially the most fragile, are afraid to go out to shop, so the option offered by online shopping platforms seems to be a blessing.

Consumers, worried, will pay more attention to online offers

At the European level, it is estimated that almost 80% of shoppers are concerned about doing their Christmas shopping in stores, and more than 75% of people will do their Christmas shopping online, in part or in full.

While in the United States, nearly 80% of consumers think they use 3 or 4 different purchasing channels to please their loved ones and more than 70% who say that they will buy their gifts online. These figures represent an Antarctica Email List significant increase compared to last year.

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And obviously, COVID-19 is no stranger to this phenomenon.

How will consumers go about preparing for their Christmas shopping? The vast majority will visit search engines and e-commerce sites. Then, it is the advertising which will also weigh on the choice of the buyers. Thus, more than 25% of people admit that the ads can give them interesting ideas for choosing Christmas gifts.

E-merchants must find the right strategies to attract customers

What will be decisive for the coming weeks is the visibility of your e-commerce platform and your products. Also think about optimizing the performance of your website, because the traffic should strongly increase. What do we mean by optimizing our website? It is above all a question of not making Internet users wait after each click.

Here’s what you can do to improve your site’s loading speed:

Regularly check your site speed using tools such as “Test My Site” or “  PageSpeed ​​Insights  ”.
Check your content delivery network ( CDN ) providers , such as Google Cloud CDN, Cloudflare, or Akamai, and see if you can’t adopt settings that may allow faster queries.
Speed ​​up your site loading by compressing your images and text, without compromising visual quality.
Switch to “font-display swap”, so customers can read your site text, even when the main font isn’t loading fast enough.
Remove unused tags from your tag managers, as well as other deprecated features.
The other aspect of your online sales site that you can optimize is the famous “UX”, or “user experience” in French.

How? ‘Or’ What ? For example, by offering a transparent and fast payment experience to customers.

Thus, it has been observed that over 75% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from sites or mobile applications that allow them to make their purchase quickly and easily.

Make your payment system fast and easy to use.

Basically, it is the whole of your online sales structure that must be able to offer the best possible “user experience”. Whether in the invisible part or visible to the customer.

Consumers who will still buy in physical outlets are looking for safety above all else
With the COVID-19 epidemic that continues to ruin our lives, consumers who shop for Christmas in the traditional way are also not ready to take reckless risks.

So, and not surprisingly, security is going to be a major concern for people who don’t want to give up the magic of Christmas window displays.

But what we consider to be “in-store” shopping at the end of the year like no other is going to be a little different from what we are used to. For example, practices such as “curbside pickup” or “contacless shopping” should develop.

What is it about ? The “curbside pickup” is a safe way to collect items that you have ordered from a store via the internet. Thanks to this method, which comes from the United States, you can wait in your vehicle for the store or restaurant staff to bring you your order. This allows you to stay a reasonable distance from store staff and other customers during this time of the epidemic.

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