You can of course encourage a hype by, for example, working together with opinion leaders of your target group, in a special edition of your product. Then apply buzz marketing techniques such as a striking, creative (online) video, social media effort or a presence at the right event – ​​you name it† Mind you: even if you apply everything by the book, the biggest factor of hype creation is a good dose of luck.

The seduction of (half) naked models

If you’ve ever been involved in the successful. Creation of a hype, I’d love to hear from you! If the shoe fits, put it on… Am I a willing victim of the sneaker industry? Is my bursting shoe closet, the occasional ‘eye-roll’ of my girlfriend and the constant Philippines Phone Number search for new gems all worth it to me? Yes, of course! Because yes, for this connoisseur it is not clothes, but especially sneakers that make a man.

They may not all buy the same products

This article was written with the help of hardcore collectors and (co-)administrators of. The group GruppoBigFeet45+: Beau (@air_beau23 ), Frank and Dylan ( @dylanz64 ) *There was a short period in which releases took place physically and online again. However, this was during the short breather ( no pun intended ) regarding the measures surrounding the pandemic.

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