According to some people, Twitter is a familiar social media and is used every day. But there are also many people who are new to.  Twitter and are still confused about some of the features of twitter. There are still many who don’t know about trending topics. Let alone don’t know how to see trending topics on Twitter.

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Discussed by people, the benefits of seeing trending topics on Twitter itself are so that we don’t miss information and are always updated. you need to Estonia WhatsApp Number List know because a topic becomes a trend because of the many hashtags or hashtags that are used on a topic. the hashtags indicate what is being discussed on twitter, later the twitter system will calculate which ones are being discussed the most, and the ones that will appear the most will appear at the top of the search and can be said to be trending topics.

For those of you who are new to Twitter, you may still be confused about. How to see trending topics on Twitter. how do you do it? let’s take a good look at the tips below, we guarantee you’ll understand right away!

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how to see trending world topics on twitter Please open the Twitter application on your cellphone or the web on your laptop. Please login to your twitter account with username and password. if you do not have an account then you can register first in the list menu. After the initial homepage appears, please click the search icon as shown below. After you click the icon it will automatically be directed to the trending topic on Twitter. from the top to the bottom. like the picture below. First of all, please open the twitter app or web Second, please login with your account. Next to the search menu, please click the icon as below.

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