Motion design can be easily defined as the art of animation. It is today one of the techniques most used to create animated presentations mixing animations with filmed sequences. This explains why specialized agencies have thus emerged throughout France, made up of motion designers capable of creating fun, innovative and impactful animations, while taking into account the technical constraints linked to the world of advertising and to different channels used. For more and more companies, calling on a motion design agency is now an essential step in their marketing and communication strategy , to stand out visually and get their messages across effectively.

Have you ever worked with a motion design agency? Whatever the answer, discover our selection of the 10 best motion design agencies in Paris below.


Maggle is an agency and an animation studio specializing in motion design. Based in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, these short video experts offer you a tailor-made experience, and adjust their graphic project proposal to the needs of their Vietnam WhatsApp Number List clients.

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The ultimate goal ? Make your message stand out for your brand image, and make it simple and easy to share, even if it seems complex to begin with. Maggle and its motion design teams have a definite talent for synthesizing your ideas and putting them into motion, whether for internet communication, external communication, events, or even industrial processes.

2. Full Content
Full Content defines itself as a creative editorial agency, and it has several strings to its bow, including motion design. Their goal is to offer you 360 ° solutions in all your projects that include content production and graphics. Full Content has been supporting its clients and partners in their web creation projects for many years, particularly in Motion Design and their team of specialists knows how to put in place inventive digital strategies capable of highlighting your brand image and adapt to all types of media.

The Holy Pair

La Sainte Paire is a Parisian creative and motion design studio that specializes in the creation of 2D or 3D animation videos. The team in charge of the motion design of this agency is made up of creative minds who know how to listen to the communication objectives imposed by their clients. These experts have the know-how to design quality animated videos that have impact, capable of offering your audience a 100% original visual experience. So if you want tailor-made interactive videos for your products or your brand, call the Sainte Paire agency.

4. Pixel Farandole
Here is a motion design agency based in Versailles, founded in 2005 by graphic design and digital technology enthusiasts. Pixel Farandole defines itself as a company specializing in the realization and production of high-end and tailor-made explanatory motion design videos. Their animated explanatory videos are innovative and are ideal for external and internal communications purposes. The motion design films produced by Pixel Farandole are designed to be perfectly suited to all social networks, and the agency prides itself on having collaborated with companies and partners from a wide variety of industries.

2 factory

2 Factory is a motion design agency and 2D animation 3D based in Paris, in the 4 th district. It is made up of a team of directors, graphic designers, illustrators, motion designers and producers who work together in a modern motion design studio, located in the agency itself.

The experts at 2 Factory are able to produce short and beautiful films for all types of formats: advertising films, illustrated motion design, instagram video, educational and explanatory films, e-learning, brand content, interactive films, etc. They have brands like Guerlain, Amazon, Dior, etc. in their customer catalog.

6. 87seconds
87 Seconds is an agency specializing in the creation of videos which is present in several major cities in Europe and the world: Paris, Milan, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, etc.

These professionals are able to create advertising videos – interactive, animated, educational, etc. – which stand out from the competition and which use the principles of motion design and the very latest technologies available. Thanks to 87 Seconds, your company will benefit from unparalleled visual exposure, supported by the implementation of different types of strategies, adapted to your objectives: event communication, promotional, corporate, etc.


Fygostudio is one of the rare Parisian motion design agencies that can offer you advice in digital and audiovisual communication in all its types of video services. From design to production, including advice and distribution, these specialists offer you global support to make your communication campaign a success.

The Fygostudio creative studio was created 4 years ago, at the heart of what was a communication consulting agency, in order to develop powerful visual and narrative universes for the brands and institutions that trust them. To get a free quote, contact them!

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