Partner with experts thanks to Pinterest Partner
With Pinterest Partner, you’ll get the most out of the social network by working and collaborating with real professionals, trusted partners who will help you tailor your creative content, ads, and more. All you have to do is choose them.

Pinterest Partners cover a comprehensive range of technical and creative specialties. Depending on your goals, you may want to work with multiple partners at the same time, in one of the following areas:


You will have the opportunity to work with experts in Pinterest media strategy, media buying and campaign management.

Audiences: this section will allow you to get help on integrating your proprietary / first party data so that you can use the advanced targeting features offered by Pinterest.
Content: if you want to strengthen your presence on the platform, Pinterest offers tools such as the Pin Scheduler, to effectively plan your Pins, as well as a dashboard dedicated to your audience’s engagement with your content


Pinterest gives you the opportunity to evaluate your work with creative tools, or even hire a Pinterest approved design expert.
Analytics: thanks to the sophisticated solutions and personalized reports provided by Pinterest, you will be able to deepen the Oman WhatsApp Number List performance of your campaigns.

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Shopping: you will make it easier for Internet users to buy your products with tools such as flow managers and be able to provide users with personalized experiences.
Learn and connect to the Pinterest community
The “Pinterest Academy” is a new tool made available by Pinterest, which allows users to take free online courses to learn about the platform’s products, tools and best practices.

In particular, you will be able to choose courses on the following subjects:

How to create inspiring content
How to plan your campaign
How to determine and develop your audience as a creator
How to deliver an inspired shopping experience to users
How to measure your performance
How to launch your campaign
In addition to this educational content, Pinterest offers its professional users to discuss with other companies in the Pinterest Business Community, in order to share opinions, tips, and feedback on the best ways to do things. of business on the platform.

This is done via three tools offered by Pinterest:

Support and questions: Here you will get personalized support and support from other members of the Pinterest community
Business chat: thanks to the Business chat, you can consult all the tips and advice from other brands in the Pinterest community, or share your own
Creator chat: this chat is the ideal place for all the questions you have as a creator on Pinterest, and to find inspiring ideas
Finally, Pinterest provides entrepreneurs who use its platform with an “Ads Manager Guide”. Through this guide, you will discover useful tools and tips to get the most out of Ads Manager.

Remember that the Ads Manager is a platform that centralizes everything you need to create, manage and monitor your Pinterest campaigns. It is on this platform that you will configure your campaigns, measure your performance, and try to optimize your advertising strategy and your Pinterest marketing, as you create campaigns.

But before you jump head-to-head into all the resources and tools we’ve presented, you obviously need to know the basics and know how Pinterest works, how to pin your products, etc. It’s also important to note that most of the tools, resources, and solutions described in this article require you to create a Pinterest Business profile and account.

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