The web is a rapidly and constantly changing world, and design trends are no exception. If a web user today stumbles upon a website that looks like it was created in the 1990s, they are unlikely to take that business seriously. To keep your e-commerce website or professional blog up-to-date and on top, you need to stay on top of current and upcoming web design trends.

So what are the dominant graphic design trends going to be in 20212? Find out the answer below, with 15 of the biggest graphic design trends expected to be flooding your PC, smartphone and tablet screens and to be inspired by.

Discreet animations
While autoplaying videos are becoming less popular, that doesn’t mean your website has to be completely static. You can easily add movement with simple animations and moreover, a growing number of sites are incorporating animations into their images or the background of their pages. A good animation will grab the attention and capture the interest of visitors, without distracting them from the main information you want them to see on the page.


Micro-interactions are animations that respond to what the user is doing on a web page. If you notice that something changes on a page when you hover the mouse over a particular location, or that an animation is triggered by a scroll down action, these are micro-interactions. They create a positive user experience because they make Internet users feel like they are participating in Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List what happens on the screen.

Muted colors
Muted color palettes have taken over the graphic design world last year and this heavy trend shows no signs of abating.

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What is it about ? What are called “muted colors” are simply bright colors that have lost their luster and shine with an infusion of black, white or a complementary color.

After years of bright, flashy colors, audiences seem to want something a little more relaxed and understated, and these muted colors are going to bring a sense of security to your designs and graphic projects.

Bet on original illustrations
Dressing your website with photos from an image bank is practical, but it does not add personality to your sales tool. That’s why many site owners are now turning to original artwork.

These certainly come at a cost, but they can positively transform the style of your website and create a truly unique experience. Custom illustrations are often playful and have the ability to do tacit communication work on your brand.

Simplified data visualizations

For graphic designers, the goal of any data visualization should be to make sometimes complex data easy to understand.

Basically, people should be able to type in your data visualization without too much additional context, and you shouldn’t have to explain what you’re trying to show with your charts, be it curves, digraphs, infographics, etc. cards, etc.

At Twitter, for example, we use a lot of the circular diagram, the famous pie chart, which is a type of representation perfect for sharing numbers and data on the web and social networks and for making quick comparisons.

6-? Geometric shapes everywhere
One thing you may have noticed this year is the sheer number of brands that use geometric shapes in their designs. Last year, it was noted that many designers had adopted fluid and abstract forms in their artistic creations.

In 2021, these have been replaced by new, fairly rigid geometric shapes with sharp contours. When you use geometric shapes, it brings order, consistency and structure to your visuals, and can make your visuals and graphic designs look much more eye-catching, which your community will appreciate.

Flat icons

Trends in graphic design are quite cyclical. In 2015, Mailchimp was already using flat design and minimalist illustrations. 6 years later, in 2021, it is the comeback of flat icons, and we therefore find this trend of graphics brought up to date.

The advantage of this type of design is that it is easy and quick to interpret for Internet users. Icons can be a powerful tool for visual communication, and in 2021 there are a number of ways you can use flat icons to enhance your visuals and simplify your message.

8-? The “hamburger” menu bars
This is a controversial design trend, but one that is commonly used on mobile apps and websites because it’s an easy way to deliver a menu that takes up very little space. Those three layered horizontal bars that look like a hamburger and open your main menu when clicked are sometimes small and hard to notice. But as they have become common with the growth of mobile support, their use has also started to spread in desktop site design.

9-? Use classic serif fonts
As you are no doubt aware, in typography, serifs are small extensions that terminate the ends of characters in certain fonts, such as the “Times” font. This type of font is called “Serif” in English. Fonts that do not have a serif are called “sans serif”.

In typography, serif fonts are generally considered classic and elegant. Mailchimp, again, uses such fonts for their text design, which makes their landing pages stand out and powerful in particular.

The daring choice of asymmetry

Asymmetry is a bold choice that is now appearing on more and more websites. Using asymmetry in your graphic design provides a unique and creative experience for your visitors, especially since it’s not yet a particularly common style option today.

It is certainly not a relevant choice for any type of site, as the asymmetry gives an unexpected impression. But if you want to deliver an off-the-beaten-path website experience to your community, consider this idea to assert your ideas and message.

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