Today, being in the top search results of Google has become a complex, time-consuming process, but above all essential. If you want your business to be visible on the web in an effective and lasting way, it is best to hire SEO specialists.

Why ? Quite simply because an SEO strategy requires special skills, a lot of experience, and ultimately time. The SEO optimization of a website is a delicate process, which, if carried out correctly, will allow your website to generate more qualified traffic, over time, at a lower cost than advertising campaigns.

So if you want to increase the number of your customers organically, it is better to hire an SEO agency, and you will see that the investment is worth the effort.

Here is our Top 10 SEO agencies in Belgium, which will allow you to choose the best professionals in the sector, according to your objectives and your personal criteria.

1- Velcome SEO

Velcome SEO is an SEO agency in Brussels adapted to all your new web projects, a unique approach and personalized solutions for your business. Whatever your objective – to be in first position on search expressions, to qualify your audience, to exceed your competitors – the Velcome SEO agency has all the skills to make you gain Estonia WhatsApp Number List visibility and offer quality content to Internet users and your customers.

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Customers, to discover or buy your products, and to learn about your business and your services. In addition to a tailor – made SEO strategy , Velcome SEO will also offer you SEA campaigns on various acquisition channels (Search, Display, YouTube) in order to improve your performance.

2- Eskimoz
The SEO agency Eskimoz is aimed at businesses of all sizes wishing to boost their visibility and credibility online. This Belgian agency is of course specialized in the field of natural referencing, and will be able to assure you a lasting positioning on the main search engines. Eskimoz professionals have also understood that writing quality content is essential in the eyes of Google. It is therefore with the greatest care that they will endeavor to produce texts that are as optimized as possible for your website. Finally, the famous Google penalties hold no secrets for Eskimoz.


Here is a strategic digital marketing consulting agency based in Brussels, which has several strings to its bow: natural and paid referencing, social networks, creation of websites and landing pages, etc.

But Nelty’s team of experts has above all a strong know-how in the field of SEO and can support your company or your brand throughout a growth project, whether in Belgium or abroad. international, and provide you with a well-referenced multilingual website, by restructuring your site and adapting effective content for all the countries in which you want to break into.

4-? Idagency
Idagency presents itself as an SEO agency in Brussels, and offers you a free site audit right from the start. From the start of your collaboration, the Idagency SEO team will define objectives for you, then keep you informed throughout the referencing process of the actions taken and the evolution of your positions on all your keywords. . With more than 10 years of experience, Idagency has managed to bring together an experienced team with all the necessary qualifications to master the good evolution of an SEO project, with web designers, web developers, copywriters, digital marketing experts and experts. in expert social media, and confirmed SEO project managers.

5- Beelingwa

Beelingwa is a multilingual international communication and web marketing agency based in Orp-Jauche, a town located between Louvain and Namur. Before offering you an SEO audit, the agency’s teams of natural referencing specialists will make you think about the right questions if you want to develop your brand in other European countries: what is the potential of your brand in the world? ‘international ? Which market should you target? Which domain name strategy to adopt? Etc. They can support you throughout the implementation of a relevant and optimized local and international SEO strategy, with the main objective of developing your visibility in an efficient and sustainable manner.

6- Visibleo
Present in Paris and Brussels, Visibleo is a natural referencing agency that can offer you services that can boost your visibility and your notoriety throughout Belgium, but also in the countries of your choice. Its team of SEO experts begins with an SEO audit of your website, both editorial, technical, and netlinking. Then comes the time of semantic analysis to select the strategic keywords that correspond to your objectives. Then the editors of Visibleo will create content adapted to the country where you want to develop, and not just translate your web pages into the necessary languages.

7-? Average A

Media A is an SEO agency specializing in several aspects of digital marketing, such as natural referencing, but also SEA and SMA. This Brussels agency founded in 2003 does more than optimize your website and its content for the biggest international search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, or Baidu. Media A teams are above all at your disposal, and able to analyze your needs, define your targets, your keywords, and support your project from A to Z. Their ultimate goal is always to provide customers the most appropriate services and solutions to attract qualified traffic. Their objective ? Take care of your positioning on the most important search engines and bring your website to the first page of search results.

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