There has also been talk for years about a ‘ sugar tax ‘ for products with too much sugar. This is not getting off the ground because of the strong lobby of the business community, because ‘unhealthy’ simply sells best. A dangerous attitude because three quarters of consumers. 9. Togetherness tackling Forced by the corona crisis, people quickly took action themselves.

Major Threats

The problems were too urgent to wait for others. The widely available and often free technology acted as an accelerator. In no time, hospitals will be expanded, sector-wide support actions will be organized (‘help the hospitality industry’), new online, takeaway and delivery services will be Senegal Phone Number introduced, home education will be arranged and volunteers will be mobilized (‘just people who want to help people.

Health security

Great opportunities

The corona crisis shows that where there is a will, there is also a way. In the coming years we will move faster over obstacles and objections under the motto: we could do that during the corona crisis, right? Volunteers pick up trash. Partnership marketing Many companies and institutions.

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