The Microsoft Audience Network, officially called the Microsoft Audience Network, is a native advertising solution similar to Facebook ads and the Google Display Network , based primarily on artificial intelligence. Advertisers can manage their native ad spend alongside their Search campaigns, or separately.

Microsoft Audience Network is a tool that can help your e-commerce reach consumers at the top of the sales funnel, and convert them quickly, which can significantly increase search results for your business.

With limited resources

Currently, e-commerce sites navigate most of the time in uncertainty, with limited resources, and this is considered to be the new normal. Successful brands are those that possess qualities of agility and flexibility, which can enable them to respond to Algeria Mobile Number List external changes, but also allow them to be effective at the right time to manage leads quickly in all parts of the business. sales funnel.


With the planned end of third-party cookies, and most browsers and devices now restricting this method of tracking, it’s much more difficult for online merchants to continue to develop their leads and bring them down throughout the process. ‘funnel. Although a world without third-party cookies represents an improvement for user privacy, it disrupts the marketing management of brands enormously, in the way they target their audience, track their leads, personalize and optimize their offers, not to mention the attribution models that turn out to be obsolete.

Trends and opportunities to consider
Here are some expected changes, which you should consider as opportunities if you work in the e-commerce industry and want to be up to date:

Greater emphasis on first-party data

The importance of activity during the connection phases of Internet users
A new dependence on the context and the behavior of Internet users
New ways to follow consumers’ decision-making journeys
A closer working relationship between ad publishers and brands
The richness and power of first-party data has never been so important. Why ? Because it is very high quality data which, on the one hand, is authorized, and comes not only from the user login activity, but also from the relationships between publishers and consumers.

What we will observe in the near future are brands opting for fewer, but more strategic partnerships with ad publishers who can offer this type of opportunity.

And Microsoft Advertising is well positioned to help online merchants with their marketing efforts. You can also use the Microsoft Audience Network tool to expand your audience with first-party data, applying machine learning technologies to combine research and web activity with LinkedIn and demographic profiles. Thus you will boost your marketing performance, while respecting the strictest confidentiality standards.

Recall here that the professional social network platform was bought by the IT giant in June 2016, for more than $ 26 billion. LinkedIn has some 700 million monthly active users around the world, one of the most popular platforms for businesses for B2B commerce, which attracts millions of Internet users every day, and which has high conversion rates. superior to competitors.

The solution ? Use Microsoft Audience Ads

By using authorized audience data at scale, Microsoft Audience Network gives you a great opportunity to start testing first-party data, where you can enjoy the following benefits:

Premium native ad placements, governed by strict publisher standards and AI-powered content selection.
Secure experiences for your brand that bring complete transparency and maximum control to advertisers.
Highly contextual ad placements based on Microsoft’s first-party intent data.
Strong advertising performance in every industry thanks to cutting-edge AI technology.
Microsoft Audience Ads, which are now also available in Australia, New Zealand, France, and Germany, in addition to the US, UK, and Canada, are high-quality, native ads served on Microsoft Audience Network, which includes premium sites like MSN,, and Microsoft Edge.

Thus, Microsoft Audience Ads are ideal for reaching hundreds of millions of Internet users outside of Search.

A simple solution to implement

All you need to do is add images through extensions and pull your campaigns from the Display Network.

In the United States, Microsoft even offers additional tools, which will hopefully be available in Europe soon. These new tools allow businesses to maximize the reach and performance of the Microsoft Audience Network. In addition to the Audience Library that includes In-market audiences as well as LinkedIn profile targeting, the Audience Network Planner helps you find the right audience, the right targeting, matching budgets, and even dollar amounts. ideal auctions to maximize your results. When you advertise on the Microsoft Audience Network, you can choose exactly which groups of people will see your ads. These groups of people are referred to as audience segments.

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