Understand what customer retention is and why you should pay special attention to this metric in your company. Valentina Geraldo Jul 31, 20 | 12min read discover how to improve customer retention in your company In theory, there is no question about the Guide to Customer importance of customer retention strategies. After all, they are important to maintaining good business profitability. But in addition to ensuring recurring sales and building a stable customer base, it also means garnering more brand advocates.


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Forced to recognize that, in practice, companies do not always devote the necessary attention to this activity and, instead, choose Iceland Phone Number to prioritize actions aimed at attracting new customers . Do you want to know how to change this story in your company? Then you are in the right place, because we have separated for this publication some tips to improve the strategies to retain your base. Believe me, simple initiatives can make a big difference in everyday life.


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Have the discipline to change the mentality of the operation, that is, to get everyone in the company to understand the importance of working focused on customer satisfaction and offering them a super pleasant experience . How to retain customers? 7 keys to not lose them 7 keys to customer retention in times of crisis How to retain customers? 7 keys to not lose them 1. Prioritize excellence in customer service Considering that the company closed a sale.

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