Have you ever wondered how your e-commerce site performs compared to competing e-stores?

Well, Google will be able to give you some answers thanks to its new website analysis tool called “Grow My Store”. This online tool, which claims to “boost your business with a quick and easy assessment of your sales website”, is able to provide relevant insight into the things that are working on your website, while providing recommendations that will help you. would allow us to do better.

Be careful, don’t expect very high level advice. Google, moreover, indicates well at the bottom of the page, in very small characters, that “the information and the recommendations generated by this tool are given only as an indication. Google does not guarantee changes or improvements to the performance of your site ”. So, here you are forewarned, in case you were waiting for the silver bullet to dramatically take off your business from the internet giant. But then, this analysis tool, attractive at first glance, will it be of any use to you? This is what we will see.

What does “Grow My Store” consist of?

Grow My Store is a tool developed by Google that will allow you to assess the “customer experience” of your website and provide Ukraine Phone Number List advice on how to improve it.

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At the end of its analysis, Google provides you with a report organized by a series of factors that are important to customers, including the following:

Information about the products on sale
Details about your online store
The “personalization” of your site
The frictionless / fluid shopping experience
Your site’s performance

But how can Google know what customers are most looking for in an e-commerce site?

Google actually uses information from various studies conducted in partnership with two major research agencies: Ipsos MORI and Kantar TNS. Using this data, Google has the ability to create a personalized report for each website, which allows you to see where it is performing in terms of performance, compared to sites that offer the best customer experiences in their category.

How do you use Grow My Store?
Just go to the site dedicated to Grow My Store ( https://growmystore.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/fr_fr ). Next, you will need to enter your site URL, press the “start” button, and the report will begin to run. So it happens very quickly.

You will then be prompted to talk a bit more about your business. For example, do you only sell online, in-store only, or both?

It is then time to select the industry in which your business operates. You can choose up to 5 (clothing, beauty care product, computers / electronics, food / groceries, home and garden accessories), if you wish, with an empty field for “Other” if none. ‘between them does not suit you.

Then click on “Continue” and you will get a preview of the report concerning your business. To fully benefit from it, you must register using the “Get my full report” button at the top right. Note that you will need a Google account for this step.

Then enter your details and wait for the full report to run. This can take a while, so you can also go to the ‘Reaching more customers’ section of the site and observe the categories related to your industry to see how searches have evolved over time, as well as the top five. topics associated with the subcategories you added. For example, if you have a furniture store, you can look at the curve for online searches for tables, sofas, desks, etc.

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