Loyalty pays off not only in normal times, but especially in times of crisis. More attention is being paid to the loyalty of employees and customers in the broadest sense of the word. Partnership marketing through co-creation, crowdworking ( sourcing , servicing and funding ), platforms and communities. You have to have it from your friends, especially in times of crisis.

The AI ​​Revolution

And more employee and customer loyalty also means more money. As you do, as you meet is the motto here. 10. Meaning Economy Meaning and signification As a result of increasing uncertainty and dissatisfaction, meaning is becoming increasingly important for people. We Slovenia Phone Number look for what we want in life: to be carefree, to live a nice life in a better world, to be of meaning to others. The attention for social themes is increasing and society is becoming more and more ‘woke’. People are alert to what is going on in society.

Great Revolution

Global and local

This trend has been visible for some time, but is taking the wind behind the wheel due to the corona crisis. This affects human behavior and consumer behaviour. Every day we see wonderful examples of citizens and companies who often help each other selflessly. By the way , this does not mean the end of market capitalism or neoliberalism, because old patterns and reflexes are persistent. During the corona crisis, many parties were busy taking advantage of the situation that had arisen.

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