Whether you are responsible for the artistic direction in a graphic design agency, a freelance graphic designer, or an apprentice designer in training period, the portfolios that follow can certainly inspire you in the realization of logos, illustrations, and design elements of all kinds to assert the visual identity of your customers on their website .

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The graphic design of your banners and advertisements is an essential element for their performance

1-? Robin Mastromarino
Robin Matromarino, this designer specializing in interfaces is based in Paris. He uses neat UI animation touches to highlight the aesthetic and technological value of his graphic designer portfolio site, with an engaging effect that makes his graphic projects appear as if they were mounted in a circular motion.

2- RoAndCo
Founded by Creative Director Roanne Adams, New York-based agency RoAndCo provides beautifully crafted design, strategy, brand identity, logos and creative direction solutions for clients who work primarily in the fashion, clothing and clothing industries. beauty, technology and lifestyle.

3-? Studio Feixen
Studio Feixen is a Swiss Egypt WhatsApp Number List web designer studio that deliberately goes against the “less is more” philosophy in its design portfolio, including an explosion of beautiful colors and many effective interactive elements for your visual identity.

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4- Active Theory
Entering the Active Theory portfolio website is like visiting a new world. This designer uses a dark, almost cyberpunk aesthetic, and we love the atmospheric animation of the homepage with mouse-activated glitch effects.

5- Velvet Spectrum
Velvet Spectrum is the online nickname for freelance graphic artist and designer Luke Choice. His homepage is kept simple, with a montage of ultra-colorful vignettes, which lead to visually impressive examples of his work, which have maximum visual impact and reflect flawless artistic direction.

Buzzworthy Studio

Describing itself as a “badass” digital studio, Buzzworthy Studio offers dazzling web design techniques right from the home page. Bold typography and graphic animation combine to grab your attention, added to a strong sense of aesthetics.

7-? Studio Thomas
Named after its two creative directors, Thomas Austin and Thomas Coombes, Studio Thomas is an east London studio that does print and digital visual communication. Their projects are presented in a clear, yet bold way with visuals possessing great artistic power.

8- Locomotive
This impressive design portfolio comes from a Quebec graphic studio that specializes in creating exceptional digital experiences. And that’s exactly what the artistic director’s portfolio reflects, with playful and entertaining animations of various images that bring the whole site to life.

9-? Xavier Cussó
This stunning portfolio by designer Xavier Cussó shows off the unique work of the Barcelona artist and developer, dominated by vibrant colors, impenetrable typography and virtually every parallax scrolling animation and tricks possible.

10- ToyFight
Manchester-based studio ToyFight uses a number of dazzling effects – from parallax scrolling to animated transitions and even 3D animation. All of this is presented with stunning visual humor, and makes the site very enjoyable to explore.

11- ?Merijn Hoss
Illustrator and artist Merijn Hoss takes a very clean graphic approach, but her design portfolio is extremely effective. Hoss creates beautifully detailed psychedelic artwork, in a fairly simple and clean format.

Malika Favre

Illustrator Malika Favre uses full screen to display thumbnails of her portfolio, in an effort to entice visitors to view her work in more detail. When clicked, the thumbnails reveal a bold and colorful fullscreen presentation gallery that grabs our attention.

13- Marleigh Culver
Designer and artist Marleigh Culver’s website demonstrates how carefully chosen color and typography, combined with simple layout and navigation are essential to any successful online design portfolio.

14- Yul Moreau
Born in Seoul, but living in Paris, Yul Moreau presents a portfolio site that will grab your attention instantly with a video montage that doesn’t go unnoticed. His artistic work combines videos, images, clever scrolling effects and detailed textual explanations.

15- Lusion
Lusion’s design portfolio provides an immersive experience that is sure to inspire you. The site is full of delicious design elements, like this light point that follows your cursor. It can be a little confusing at times, but be aware that this creative studio is all about technology.

16- Made Thought
Contemporary design studio Made Thought shows how design portfolios evolve and explore uncharted territory, where others are content to follow current trends. On the homepage you will find an overview of their latest work.


This one-page portfolio by Sophie Doukhopelnikoff uses transparent and clever design elements, paired with layers of text, that create depth and powerful visual interest. Presenting text both behind and in front of the images is quite astonishing and appealing.

18- Hello There
This site allows us to admire the portfolio of Jessica Bayer, an artist designer and artistic director who lives in New York. The “Hello There” on the home page slowly changes color every 2 seconds and this creates a rainbow effect that is simple, subtle and very beautiful at the same time.

19- Tim Smith
Tim Smith’s portfolio website uses CSS3 to add clever HTML5 tips on a very clean look. The navigation is very fluid and allows for a quick and professional-looking presentation of all his designs and graphic projects.

20-? A. Barrès
Antoine Barrès uses a layout format reminiscent of major magazines and exhibits a variety of artistic creations in a way that allows each design element to be easily seen. Her incredibly classic style seems to give her creative work even more room to shine.

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