Without fanfare, Google just launched “  Keen  ” a few days ago, a new service that aims to step on the beds of Pinterest , the famous and popular American application whose concept is to merge the sharing of digital photos and social networking. For Google, this is an important moment, as Keen represents his first major foray into the social space market.

What Is It About ?

In the English language, Keen is used both to denote someone with a passion and a quick-witted person. This pretty much sums up the philosophy of this product developed by Google and available on Android and the Internet and it is a name that at first glance seems attractive and cool. Be careful, because the address is not Keen.com, which is already taken, but staykeen.com.

Keen, therefore, is a kind of innovative social network that will give you the possibility to create folders and bring together in one place several kinds of content, such as photos, press articles, videos, or music that are all part of their own center of interest. Keen also gives you the option of sharing your compilations of content or keeping them jealously to yourself through two modes: public and private. The purpose is to invite friends or specialists of a particular topic in order to grow and complete your collection and your knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence on The Program

Where Keen gets interesting is that he will suggest content to you in various forms related to a specific topic. This is thanks to artificial intelligence developed by Google and two of its teams: Area120 and Pair, a research group working in the field of IR. It is for this reason that certain specialists in the world of new technologies speak of an “intelligent and Costa Rica Email List automated Pinterest”. And of course, artificial intelligence invites you to follow and explore other people’s passions.

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Google uses the tools it usually uses for search, news, and discovery feeds that feed the site. Which makes Keen yet another flow app, yet at the crossroads of research and discovery. And while Google’s new baby may not be as visually appealing as Pinterest, it has potentially wider uses.

This project would have seen the light of day several months after CJ Adams, product manager at Google and co-founder of Keen, explained to reporters that, in bed with his wife, they were browsing through threads of images, comments, posts. , info for hours, without thinking, like robots. According to him, those evenings spent on the cell phone only served to fill a time gap between work and sleep during the night. It was there that he realized the futility of these long consultations on his cell phone. CJ Adams and his wife therefore decided to change their internet usage habits by starting to collect photos, videos, or articles on a given subject that they both were passionate about, and to exchange this content in order to share their common passion. That’s where Keen’s idea started.

For the instigator of Google’s new flagship, Keen represents “an improvement over the usual blind browsing of online flows.” Indeed, the application will allow its users to better concentrate on their favorite subjects, while having the opportunity to share them.

Create a Keen Account and Discover the Features of The App

For those who already have a Google Account, getting started with Keen is very quick. The interface is childish to learn and the elements of the visual decor are minimalist. The application immediately offers you to create a “Keen” (the equivalent of a board on Pinterest) a kind of folder that can have the subject you want to assign to it: angling, French pastry, or Japanese architecture. So, it’s up to you! Choose a favorite theme and let’s go!

The first time you open Keen, a miscellaneous topic grid appears and you are given the option to save any of these topics and do a “Keen”, and then add another, and so on. away, based on a set of persistent search queries supported by machine learning.

Each “Keen” is made up of three different sections: “gems”, “explore”, and “searches”. The “gems” part houses all the results that you have saved and offers new or updated search results related to the search queries that are present in the “search” part and can also be updated or edited. It is also possible to receive news related to your Keen by email twice a week, depending on the settings you adopt.

The Question of Data

This is a question that many users will ask themselves: what data does Keen collect? It is legitimate to wonder about what Google will be able to take away from this project in terms of data. The Mountain View firm has never been able, unlike Facebook, to enter the social space, the place of lucrative online activity par excellence with the mass of data and advertising it generates. This new social network, a kind of improved Pinterest, should allow Google to focus on the interests of its users and of course collect the famous data that is worth gold. Apparently, it would appear that the data Keen collects is coalesced with all the other types of information and user data that Google already has in its possession. Indeed,

If one were to be cynical, one could argue that part of Google’s motivation through Keen is to capture data in order to use it to personalize ads and content on the Google network, or to try to understand the public interest in different types of targeting. If Keen is able to survive and grow, there is no doubt that the app will be a new billboard for targeted advertising.

What Are Keen’s Odds Against Rival Pinterest?

It should still be remembered that in December 2019, Pinterest announced the launch of “Pinterest Trends” which also made use of artificial intelligence and a taxonomic system, that is to say of classification. It is therefore not certain that the new Google project surpasses the old rival in terms of technology and even less in terms of the number of Pinterest users who pride themselves on seeing more than 320 pass on its site and its application. million people per month. Some American specialists are already predicting that Keen will have to redefine himself and differentiate himself from Pinterest in order to survive.

However, Keen has the potential to become a personalized search and content repository for serious and fun topics that people love. Pinterest does a great job on its own, establishing itself as a source of ideas, inspiration, and a way to collect images and gather information for projects and purchases. Keen will have to offer more extensive user solutions to escape comparison with Pinterest and make himself indispensable.

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