Google decided this year to refine its advertising offer with the launch of Google Discovery Ads .

The US Internet giant with his most popular search engine in the world offers a new format of advertising accessible to the entire world and based on the discovery ( eDiscovery ).

Its main characteristic is based on an identity and strong visual properties. Let’s take a look at what Google Discovery Ads is all about.

Introducing Google Discovery Ads

It is therefore the new format of advertisements offered by Google Ads . It is distinguished by the combination of a title, a description and one or more images on the ads.

These have a destination URL (web address) and are available for distribution on Google Discover, Gmail and YouTube .

The uniqueness of these Dominican Republic Email List campaigns lies in the fact that they do not target keywords, but audiences. Ads with multiple images are called a “carousel” because they appear to move in a circular fashion, like a merry-go-round.

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This format is sized to reveal large, high definition images of excellent quality. The idea is to share with users a sumptuous and sophisticated visual perception. And because Google Discover is available and designed for mobile phones, its size fits perfectly on your smartphone screen.

The principle behind Discovery Ads is basic, but effective: you bring a few basic elements (photos, titles, descriptions, etc.), and Google takes care of the rest: distribution, while respecting your budget and your CPA (sales remuneration ).

Now Let’s Discuss the Notable Differences Between Discovery Ads and Regular Google Campaigns

When using Discovery Ads, it is not possible to change settings such as placement, media targeting and contextual targeting, delivery mode and frequency, ad rotation, and manual bidding strategy.

You have understood that Google is taking matters into its own hands and is not giving you much leeway in this new advertising campaign. Some may regret this lack of autonomy and this rigidity.

On the other hand, there is no difference with other types of Google campaigns when it comes to managing targeted audiences and demographic data.

Google also warned that violent, insulting, vulgar and inappropriate content would not be tolerated and therefore automatically removed.

The advantages of Discovery Google Ads:
What should please Google fans and users is the ad performance on Discovery. Specialists feared that this new campaign would be identical to those already existing on Gmail and which are hardly competitive.

According to them, these good results are due to a very low cost per click (CPC) and a considerable click through rate ( CTR ).

We also note that Discovery Ads campaigns offer a cost per action ( CPA ) almost 50% less expensive than other types of advertising offered on social networks .

Better, some brands have announced excellent revenues drained by this new campaign, very profitable compared to the expenses incurred. To the best of my mind… to choose your next type of campaign.

But the main advantage of the latest Google advertising campaign is the ability to insert high quality images, in order to increase your clicks. The philosophy behind Discovery Ads is to impress consumers from the first approach. Within the possibilities, we can analyze geographic areas, demographic categories and audience performance.

Another strong argument put forward by the Mountain View-based firm is the staggering number of customers you will be able to reach around the world: around 2.8 billion!

Launch a Discovery Ads Advertising Campaign

The first step is to log into your Google Ads account, of course.

After clicking on Campaign and New Campaign, Google asks you to choose a marketing objective and gives you the choice between “sales”, “leads”, “traffic to the website”, “interest in the brand and products”, ” Audience and brand awareness ”, and“ Create a campaign without specific objectives ”.

Then select Discovery as the campaign format.

In the next step, it is a question of determining the linguistic and geographic targeting.

After that, as we have observed before, it is not possible to configure much anymore, apart from the selection of your audiences. The targeting options offered are “personalized intent audiences”, “remarketing” and “in-market audiences”. Then all you have to do is choose a bidding strategy and a daily budget. And There you go !

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