What are you basing your strategy on for digital marketing campaigns?

The question is legitimate to the extent that the relevance of the answer will depend on the effectiveness of the campaign. The establishment and success of a campaign is played out on several levels. Value attribution is an aspect that should not be neglected if you want to develop your business. Evaluating the performance of your marketing actions and taking advantage of centralized data analysis for your business is one of the keys to success and improving your results. Reading the following article should help you understand the ins and outs of the Google Attribution tool.

Understanding the Cross-Device

It Is Officially Established that Much of The Traffic on The Web Today Is Carried out From Mobile Devices, in Particular Smartphones. We Are Talking About More than 60% of World Traffic.

This May Sound Like Good News for Businesses that Make a Living from E-Commerce and Can Rejoice in Being Able to Reach Consumers Anywhere and All the Time, but At the Same Time, the Process that Leads to The Conversion of Mauritius Email Lists Potential Customers Has Been. Greatly Complicated by The Fact that Internet Users Use Several Devices. It Is Said that Digital Consumers Are “multi-Devices”.

Mauritius Email Lists

Today, a Person Who Decides to Get a Product on The Web Will Not only Do Several Searches and Comparisons, but Will Also Go from One Interface to Another Very Easily. We Must Therefore Understand that What We Call the Cross-Device, It Is the Habit that Prospects Have Taken to Multiply Research and Entry Points Before Making a Single Purchase. For Example, to Buy a Camera, a User Will Probably Go to Google to Do a Search with The Following Keywords:

Several Sites Will Be Offered to Him with Organic Seo Search Results and Google Ads or Shopping Advertisements .

On the First Sites Visited by The Internet User, He Will Retrieve Information, but Will Not Decide Immediately. Later, Can Be Recalled by A Retargeting Ad He Will Come Back to The Same Site, but This Time from His Computer. Here Again, It Is Not Certain that This Potential Customer Goes to The Cash Register. A Prospect Can Thus Spend Days Crisscrossing the Web in Search of The Ideal Product at A Price that Suits Him.

E-Merchants / Advertisers

The Question that This Raises for E-Merchants / Advertisers Is that Of the Origin of The Visits They Receive to Their Websites and The Impact on Purchasing Behavior. By Using Multiple Devices, Potential Customers Are Confusing the Issue and It Can Be Difficult to Navigate at Times. In This Context, It Is Therefore Particularly Useful to Put in Place Tools to Know and Control the Prospect’s Journey in Order to Know when The Conversion Actually Takes Place.

In This Context, Attribution Allows Us to Better Understand the Sources of Opportunities and The Best Paths. In Digital E-Marketing, Advertisers Make Use of Several Tools to Promote Their Products or Services Such As

Google Adwords Facebook Ads, Natural Referencing Seo and Other Channels Like Influencer Marketing … It Is These Different Techniques Which, if They Are Well Undertaken, Will Lead the Prospect to Transform His Simple Visit to The Merchant Site Into an Act of Purchase.

The Idea Is Therefore for Advertisers to Know the Most Effective Method to Convert a Potential Customer Into a Customer or The Method that Allows Him to Advance the Most in The Conversion Funnel. Mastering Your Channels Allows You to Efficiently Allocate Your Advertising Budget and Therefore Obtain Better Results. Many Businesses only Consider the Last Point of Contact or The “last Click” Regardless of How Far They’ve Come to Convert.

Digital Strategy

However, to Decide on The Levers on Which to Invest in An Overall Digital Strategy, It Is Necessary to Have a Much More Exhaustive Mapping to Retrace the Conversion Path. The Last Click or The Last Interaction Is only A Rather Distant Photograph in The Conversion Funnel and It Does Not Allow 100% Optimization of The Campaigns. This Is Where Strategic Attribution Comes In.

In Google Analytics, Attribution Allows You, for Example, to Bring out Insights, I.E. Important Data to Know Which Channels Are Effective. Once the Information Is in Hand, Advertisers Can Play on Budgets, Gauge the Different Channels and Stop Ineffective Campaigns in Order to Boost Their Sales and Have More Competitive Levers. A Good Knowledge of The Customer Journey Allows to Optimize from End to End the Experience and The Conversion path also called by aficionados: the tunnel.


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