When we talk about search engine, we immediately think of Google since it is the number one in France and in the whole world.

Thus, by comparing Google Ads and Bing Ads, we tend to think, without being too wrong, that Google is incomparable. Admittedly, Bing only represents 9% of the market in France against around 90% for Google Ads, but in certain sectors of activity Bing can be of interest to reach your targets. When you know that the search engine is installed by default on Windows PCs, an advertising campaign through the Bing search engine is an option to consider.

To learn more about the strengths and limitations of each of these advertising platforms, discover our “google ads vs bing ads”.

Google Ads for An Advertising Campaign Worthy of The Name

If you have chosen to invest in a paid SEA advertising campaign in order to reach new customers and at the same time boost your turnover, Google Ads will be your best ally. Thousands of advertisers among the biggest brands use Google ADS to promote their solutions in campaigns with objectives such as building awareness or increasing visits to a Guadeloupe Email List sales page.

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It was in 2000 that the Google advertising network was created under the name Google Adwords. The advertising platform subsequently evolved to be renamed Google Ads in 2018. This Google platform uses the pay-per-click advertising model; a system to charge the cost of an advertisement per click (PPC) or per impression (CPM). To generate clicks and at the same time new leads or customers from Google Ads, you must set up advertising campaigns and announcements.

Thanks to Google Ads, you can serve your ads through multiple channels, such as Google Search (the search network), but also on Google Display and YouTube.

Bing Ads, an Advertising Program Attached to The Yahoo Network

Bing Ads or Microsoft Bing Ads is an advertising program that is part of the Yahoo network. So, by creating ads from this platform, you can be sure that they will appear in the search engine’s search results.

Bing Ads was originally known as adCenter and the platform was quickly compared to Google Ads especially in terms of functionality. Like this advertising platform from Google, Ads Bing operates the Pay-per-Click or PPC system. So, as an advertiser, you only pay once a user clicks on your ad. You pay nothing for your ads to appear on the website.

On Bing Ads, ad groups, campaigns, keywords, and ads are quite distinct. The advertising platform prioritizes them to better distinguish them from one another. When you create an ad campaign from Bing Ads, you should start by creating several ads that you will then group together.

Note that it is possible to import your Google ADS campaigns on Bing Ads, which means that the operating system is comparable.

How Do Google Ads and Bing Ads Work?

Google Ads is relatively easy to learn. This platform aims to distribute your advertisements to leads or even potential customers who are likely to be interested in the products or services you offer. If you can identify the most relevant search keywords, your advertising will rank on the first pages of search results, on relevant websites or even on YouTube.

Note that on Google ADS, the positioning of your ad in search results depends on its ranking. In order for it to obtain a good ranking, two criteria are considered by the advertising platform, namely the level of quality of the advertisement and the amount of the auction.

It is important to know that the quality score of an ad is determined by the relevance of your ad. For Google, relevance means a large number of clicks generated which gives a high click-through rate. As for the click-through rate, it clearly indicates your ability to set up an advertising campaign that meets the expectations of your target audience. In order to increase this rate, you must:

Choose Your Keywords Carefully

Create an advertisement that meets the expectations of your targets and that includes a call-to-action
Provide a particularly smooth user experience on your landing page.
If you manage to boost the quality level of your advertising, your acquisition costs will be reduced significantly. So, do not hesitate to take the necessary measures to obtain this level of quality when configuring your campaigns on Google Ads. You can then consider increasing your bid.

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To be able to use the Bing ads advertising platform , you must first register. Before completing the registration form, Bing Ads will invite you to create an MSN account in order to join the Microsoft network. After creating your MSN account, you must provide usual information such as name, first name, address and others. In cases where you want to invest for paid marketing campaigns, you must indicate the currency used when registering.

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