Many of you may have already received an email from Google Ads titled “  Your Google Ads Account is Suspended  ”. Obviously, it’s a shock!

Seeing the content of the email, “Your ads are no longer showing on Google or our partner sites, and you cannot create other accounts.” If you believe that your account was suspended in error, you can appeal this decision, and we will take care of it, ”you are stunned, as your e-commerce sales are highly dependent on the advertising and traffic generated. by the American firm. This means a substantial drop in sales and maybe even the end of your business.

What Happens when Your Google Ads Account Is Suspended?

Google simply stops serving your advertising campaigns and your linked accounts, such as the merchant account, will likely be suspended as well. Of course, it is out of the question to want to create a new account with similar information. This is a mistake you should not make as it may make your problems worse and possibly even result in an Egypt Email List permanent suspension. Instead, stay calm and use all of your energy to resolve this emergency.

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So what to do and how to recover the use of your Google Ads account as quickly as possible?
Resolving this kind of blockage can be tedious and complex, and the fact is that many e-commerce owners and managers are not always up to date with Google’s advertising rules. It is not necessarily necessary to be an expert in this area, but it is better to educate yourself and have some basic knowledge : Google Ads rules, in Google Support.

Google allows you as a business to advertise your product or service. That’s a good compromise: they generate revenue and you gain exposure to millions of targeted customers.

However, managing astronomical amounts of worldwide advertising every day is not easy and it is for this reason that Google has implemented very strict advertising policies. The concern is that the conditions set out by the American giant are not always very clear and well delimited. This is why unpleasant surprises arrive in an untimely manner. Google has private terms and conditions of use that can be very lengthy, such as copyrighted content, or infringement and misleading content.

The Probable Causes of Your Google Ads Account Suspension

Back to your account, you still have no idea what you might have done wrong. Here is a list of causes of non-compliance to consider:

Bad UX (user experience)
One of Google’s obsessions and priorities is to provide the best possible experience for its users. If you’re using a poor UX strategy , Google is likely to take restrictive action.

Let’s take an example. You are advertising in a specific area in order to drive traffic to your site. But once they arrive on your site, users notice that it does not correspond at all with what the ad suggested. Google may not continue to promote your advertising campaigns and your account may be suspended for breaking the rules.

Wrong Information or Content (cloaking)

The “cloacking advertisement” (camouflage in French) is a practice prohibited by Google. This involves showing content in the ads or showing different results than the user originally thought they would get. This is a recurring problem that is sanctioned by Google services, because it is considered a technique of concealing information for the Internet user. Generally speaking, any dishonest marketing practices during research, misleading advertisements or intentional withholding of your information are considered to be causes for suspension of accounts, services or removal of advertisements.

Payment and Billing Issues

If you haven’t paid for ads that have already been served, Google will send you several reminders first, before suspending your account for non-compliance in the event that you do not decide to pay the cost of the ads you have broadcast.

You can also be suspended from the services for non-compliance with the rules on promotional codes that is to say if you sell them or if you use them on several accounts.

In some cases, customers have deliberately asked their bank or credit card company to waive service charges on Google Ads accounts in order to gain free access to serve ads. If the payment was legitimate and you waived the charges, it violates Google’s terms. In general, any suspicious payment may result in the suspension of your account or restrict access to services.

Your website is infected with malware
The first step is to check if your website has been hacked. If so, it is likely that your advertising campaigns themselves will become malicious by displaying illegal products, adult content, or directing traffic to other websites, for example. Google will ban your ads in an effort to protect visitors, as malware can spread.

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