Such as TrustPilot, Capterra, and G2 Crowd. Many customers read product reviews before purchasing software. Send personalized emails to your subscribers and non-paying customers to encourage them to convert. Build your presence on different social networks . Use social listening tools like Hootsuite to find out what people are saying about your product. This allows you to better address and take advantage of their concerns. Leading SaaS companies, like Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Netflix, have a robust marketing strategy. They appear at the top of the SERPs for hundreds of industry keywords, increasing the chances of converting leads organically.

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networks. For example, Mailchimp shares the newest features of its tool on Twitter to reach its ideal customers and increase conversions: cxs Mailchimp also uses social media to gather feedback on and improve its product. They field Twitter queries within hours, which shows how great their customer service is, which, in turn, can drive leads to Norway Phone Number convert: ijsdk Dive Deeper: * 10 Effective SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic In 2021 * Social Media Marketing For Business Owners: How To Get Started In 2021 * 14 Ways To Kickstart Your Mobile Email Marketing Campaign 4) Explore

new lead generation methods Once you’ve reduced

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your reliance on paid ads, you’ll want to find new, profitable ways to generate high-quality leads. This allows you to lower your CAC while ensuring a continuous flow of leads to your SaaS business. Here are some cost-effective lead generation methods for SaaS companies: Leverage referrals: your customers are your greatest assets. Create a referral program to encourage them to recommend your SaaS product to their friends and colleagues. For example, Airbnb offers its customers promotional coupons for future bookings when they entice their friends to register on the platform. This strategy allowed Airbnb to receive 300% more bookings: pasted image 0 63 Start guest blogging:

Sharing valuable content on posts specific to your industry can increase your brand awareness and build authority for your business . Partner with Established Brands: Partnering with non-competing established brands could help you build trust with your target audience and provide greater exposure for your SaaS product. However, make sure the company you’re partnering with has customers who match your buyer persona. Hosting webinars: This is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract potential customers and generate leads. Customers find webinars effective because they can access a tutorial or course that helps them solve their problems without paying for it.

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