I think it also shows that haters are more likely to post than lovers. The like:dislike ratios were 1:1.4 and 25:1, respectively. I think it’s pretty special that a video gets more dislikes than likes. In any case, I see more and more “woke” in the comments and accusations against the sjw ( social justice warrior ), which are of course related to cancel culture .

Column – Can you just

Socially responsible Woke so, but what does that stand for? According to Wikipedia, Woke is “an action term from American English that refers to a Bulgaria Phone Number greater awareness of society.” The word comes from the Afro-American-English woken up (to wake up), also in a figurative sense ‘aware of racism problems’.  Excessive attention to social injustices.

Get woke, go broke

And can a popular celeb

So it could just be a nickname. In more than a decade, the term has increasingly been used to mean. Alert and aware of social inequality’, ie broader than racism. It was particularly widely used after the deaths of Michael Brown and. The Black Lives Matter movement – but also with regard to other diversity and inclusiveness – and then you end up at my desk.

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