About 80% of marketers see growth in email engagement over the past 12 months Personalization is the #1 tactic to improve the performance of your email campaigns Companies that A/B test every email see a +37% return on email marketing over brands that never A/B test Automation flows in 2022 So it pays to get started with segmentation, personalization and A/B testing.

Connect with your target audience

Dive into your marketing automation data, discover where opportunities lie and optimize your automation flows. More importantly, determine your goals and KPIs. For example, look at the average open rate or CTR in your industry and Argentina Phone Number compare it to your open rate. Is it lower than the benchmark? Then set a goal for yourself to get started and improve it in the first six months.

Get started with first party data gathering

by using novel content

Test it outand optimize based on results achieved. Note: do not test five different things in one email (perhaps an open door, but still), but take one aspect per email (campaign). There is much more possible than variation in your subject line. Text length, adding visual content, buttons and CTAs are also things to A/B testing. 4. Recognizing and acknowledging the difference between marketing and branding Marketing and branding are two different things.

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