What will you stand in traffic jams on Monday morning on your way to the office? Distance learning Due to the corona crisis, schools had to arrange distance learning in a very short time. Given the difficult circumstances, this worked out well in most cases. Not so strange, because initiatives such as Kahn Academy have shown for some time that online education is often possible.

Exploring the future

Distance learning is also here to stay, but then as an integral part of a ‘blended training system’. Along with the old classical education. The elaboration differs per school type, age category, education Panama Phone Number level and target group. One problem, it is the most vulnerable children who are at. That requires extra attention.

Future Scanning

income gap

Remote healthcare In healthcare, online applications and apps for ‘remote care. Have been rolled out in a short time and on a large scale. Think of image care for online consultation hours and apps for home monitoring, support and social contact. Regulations (including privacy and financing) have been removed.

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