FullStory is a platform that helps businesses improve their user experience by analyzing visitor behavior. Easy to use, this software tells you how your customers navigate your website and identifies errors that are losing Internet users. We offer you an overview of the different features of this smart tool.

What is Fullstory?
Providing the best user experience on your online space has become essential in order not to lose visitors. The optimization of this must go through a good understanding of the behavior of Internet users. However, identifying all the points of contact and the multiple user journeys is very complex. It is therefore necessary to use software that maps the different possibilities, such as FullStory, a user journey analysis tool, which perfectly meets this need.

Founded in Atlanta in 2014, it provides a quality user experience on your site in order to increase your conversion rate and never miss a sale. The operation of the solution is simple. The software records everything that happens on your pages and lets you see what the visitor has seen. All you have to do is replay a session to see what problem the Internet user has encountered.

The platform also suggests improvements to be implemented and highlights all the errors and problems related to the user experience. There are many other tools that offer this functionality, such as Hotjar or Mouseflow, but FullStory stands out for the amount of data that is offered.

Analyze Your Visitors’ Navigation

The first functionality of the platform is the analysis of the navigation of your visitors. Using a tracking code, the tool records all the actions performed by Internet users.

Each page, each click, each mouse movement and each scroll is automatically saved. These data are easily accessible from the software. By consulting the recorded sessions, you will be able to analyze your users’ journey step by step and Gambia Email List understand when and for what reasons your Internet users left the site so as not to lose visitors.

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Build a conversion funnel
By analyzing your visitors’ navigation, from the first page viewed to the payment page, you can model the conversion funnels that are appropriate for your business. Indeed, the platform allows you to see at which stage of the journey users leave the page or encounter difficulties, using personalized segments.

The software intelligently calculates the best possibilities to improve your user experience and shows you the relevant sessions to build successful conversion funnels. Among all the tools, the fast and intuitive OmniSearch feature gives you the ability to create funnels instantly.

With the tools available, you can do user tests to find out which funnel works best. For example, when adding new items to the cart, analyze how the user interacts. At the end of the test, you will be able to assess the performance of the different courses.

Track User Navigation

The software offers heat maps, or heatmaps , to determine which elements of your pages are of interest to users and which, on the contrary, are not. These tools are very useful for knowing the places that are clicked the most and those that are most hovered over by the mouse.

By recording the behavior of Internet users, we learn more about what attracts them and where they go first on the site. In addition, these heatmaps show us the areas that do not interest visitors, these are the cold areas.

You can also check that your users are interacting well with the major elements of the site or find out if visitors are going to non-clickable parts. This data will make it possible to adapt the design, for example, changing the place of a call-to-action button or removing an element that distracts visitors unnecessarily.

Identify Technical Errors

The platform shows you all the technical errors that lose users while browsing. Repetitive clicks on an element, clicks that lead to an error or buttons that do not respond are indicators to take into account in order to provide a high-performance interface.

The tool gives you the ability to view visitor sessions in real time to correct issues very quickly. Using the client’s name and IP address, you can locate their session and, within minutes, see exactly what’s going on. This helps to provide a quality user experience. In addition, each error is signaled instantly, we no longer waste time looking for where the problems come from.

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