The fact that there are many opportunities for foreign web shops on the Dutch market is also apparent from a survey by Statistics Netherlands . In the third quarter of 2020, the Dutch spent a total of 605 million euros at foreign online stores in the European Union. That is a growth of more than 30% compared to the previous year. Frustrations among the Dutch consumer There is, however, a common frustration.

If we look at which products

By receiving the order too late, the Dutch consumer still chooses to place an order at a foreign webshop. Mastercard conducted an investigation into Belarus Phone Number this in 2021. It turned out that the main reason – not entirely surprising – is the purchase price. In addition, the range offered and the search for a specific article are mentioned. Yet it appears that many Dutch consumers do not consciously buy from a foreign web store.

Cross-border commerce

They simply no longer see the difference, because these webshops have been translated into Dutch. It is interesting why the Dutch consumer chooses a foreign webshop to make your Dutch webshop more attractive. It is completely irrelevant if you want to grow with cross-corder commerce as a Dutch webshop. Then you want to know in which countries there are opportunities for expansion.

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