Some of the biggest branded content successes. Have captivated audiences in the form of new favorite. Tv shows or comic book series that give users something to. Engage with for long periods of time. But perhaps no marketing medium captivates audiences more. Often than the branded podcast. The best-scoring podcasts. Are those that tap into people’s organic. Interests, managing to both entertain and inform. Companies. As diverse as ge, tinder, and ziprecruiter produce original. Podcasts that successfully. Build brand and turn listeners into customers.

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To create a podcast with the power to appeal to both. Current customers as well as a larger audience, there is an incredible example in the media industry. The daily podcast from new york times both its Country Email List established. Readership and a vast new audience of audio consumers through its issue-focused coverage. And in-depth reporting format. Audio content driving business results. The daily is much more than a well-funded podcast from one. Of the world’s best-known news brands. It is also an important vehicle for building brand awareness. For the new york times , as well as deepening public. Trust. And loyalty in news publishing.

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Content channels is almost a side benefit, compared to the core value of podcasting in reallocating its internal assets and expertise to create a marketing. Vehicle that supports the company’s mission. The daily is just one of many strategies to transform the new york times , especially in terms of the digital. Experience, but the strategy seems to be working. Shares of the company are up 40% year-to-date, and digital subscription. Revenue is up double digits year-over-year, according to seeking alpha. This week, the new york times company reported $24 million in profit from. Digital subscribers.

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