Data analysis to drive decision-making! Everyone knows this principle, but in practice, how do you drive the law? Many classmates have never seen it before, and occasionally write a few analytical suggestions, and they are sprayed back… What’s the matter? System to share today.

The key to breaking the game is: don’t step into the mud with one foot. There are so many Saudi Arabia Mobile Number factors related to decision-making, and it is impossible to count on the formula of an invincible general. If you want to solve problems down-to-earth. The best way is to start from the easiest place and do it step by step.

Difficulty level 0 decision

The easiest way to find out how many bento boxes you can sell each month: I’ve done it before. I have a successful experience and want to copy it. This is the most Saudi Arabia Mobile Number reliable reason. But pay attention to one detail, that is, the 3,000 lunch boxes may be just an average number. Few businesses happen evenly, and there are usually low and high seasons (as shown in the figure below).The problem is that the reality is not so simple. If you want to upgrade the difficulty, the first consideration is: the cost is not only variable cost, but also fixed cost.

Difficulty level 1 decision

Imagine a simple scenario: open a store and ask two guys to sell lunch boxes.

In this way, we must first consider how long it will take to recover the initial investment. Assuming that it takes 10 months, it will be apportioned to 2,000 yuan per month, plus store rent and wages, the monthly cost will go to 11,000 yuan, and each box lunch will be sold for 10 yuan. , then you Saudi Arabia Mobile Number need 2,200 box lunches every month to make a return, and only 3,000 boxes can be sold to make a bit of money…

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However, it still seems simple. If you upgrade the difficulty, you have to face the question of “How do you know that you can sell more than 3,000 lunch boxes every month?”

Behind the difficulty of quantification is that the influence logic itself is very complex. The same person may behave abnormally because he is in a bad state, or he may become unaccustomed to the situation in another place, and he may not have a good relationship with his subordinates.

Therefore, although we can also use probability to explain, for example, the success rate of A-type store managers is 60%, but this 60% already contains many unknown elements (metaphysical content), and decision-making becomes difficult to grasp.

However, this is only level 4 difficulty, and it will be more difficult to do later.


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