To succeed today in the business world, and in particular in digital commerce, it is essential to know both your strengths and weaknesses, but also the most remarkable characteristics and marketing strategies of competing companies, who compete with you constantly to attract the same target audience.

Therefore, knowing what a competitive intelligence – or CI (competitive intelligence) – and being able to implement this type of strategy can make all the difference between obtaining a hoped-for commercial success, and failing through the fault of a too much commercial strategy. self-centered.

In other words, you need to assess and understand what your competitors are doing online through the use of analytics tools, while also considering how they are doing it and why they are doing it. This is the key to making better strategic and Turkey WhatsApp Number List business decisions, and achieving better results.

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This process of collecting data and generating information on the main players in a sector of activity, carried out with the aim of supporting the managers of a company throughout commercial decision-making, is this is called competitive intelligence .

In the rest of this article, you will discover about twenty tools that are 100% free, or which have free versions, which will allow you to carry out your competitive intelligence and monitor your competitors on all fronts: websites, social networks , media watch, price watch, curation, etc.


SimilarWeb is the right tool to assess your website’s performance against your main competitors and develop a plan to optimize it.

SimilarWeb gives you insight into the performance of your competitor’s websites and you will be able, for example, to know if your competitor’s sites are getting more traffic than yours, and if visitors are staying longer at home than at your own site. .

SimilarWeb can also tell you the main sources of your competitors’ inbound traffic.


SEMRush is one of the best tools to use when you need to make marketing decisions based on data and statistics, based on the strategies of your competition.

SEMRush Competitive Research Toolkit gives you an overview of the performance of your competitors or potential partners. Its different tools allow you to break down and analyze their marketing strategies from different angles: organic search, SEO, advertising, content and PR, and social media.

This product provides several resources needed to make accurate, data-driven decisions based on quality metrics.


When you need to identify who your potential competition is and how you stack up against them, think of Owler.

Owler allows you to preview all the key details of your top competitors and offers to compare them to easily identify indirect and emerging competitors in your market.

This tool publishes information about your competitors, customers, prospects, partners and suppliers, which you can track and monitor using daily email alerts.


Whether you want an alternative to Google Alerts for keeping up with competitor news, or you want to compare conversations around your brand with those of a competitor on social media, Talkwalker is still an interesting tool to consider.

Talkwalker sends you email alerts based on your search terms in the news and press, on Twitter, and in blogs and discussion forums.


SpyFu is the perfect tool for you to focus on improving your SEO and organic search traffic, and to understand where you stack up against your competition when it comes to online search traffic.

SpyFu, like SimilarWeb, focuses on the performance of your website as part of your overall marketing strategy. This tool is able to analyze keywords, key performance indicators and statistics provided by Google Analytics, and even the paid Ads of your competitors, in order to give you an idea of ​​what they are looking for online and the terms that drive traffic to their website.

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