So there are ways not to fall back on the uninspired Christmas themes. What is your favorite December campaign? As a die-hard Christmas fan, you might love a commercial that is as sweet as possible. Or are you happy when the holidays are over, but there is still a campaign that has impressed you? I’m curious! If you feel like sharing this, let us know in a comment which December campaign of yours should have been number 1 on this list. I wish you happy and loving holidays and a beautiful and creative 2022!

Priming goes well with storytelling

Stand out with an original story These campaigns again show that it is not about what you create, but about what you make possible. Catchy, original and inspiring storytelling is often the key to success. If you want to learn how to give your organization Switzerland Phone Number a recognizable face and how to tell stories that match your brand DNA, the handy Content Marketing & Storytelling Training might be something for you. View the training You want to sell now, but you are too late.

For years, scoring the best Christmas commercial

3. Brand Priming

The customer is already going to get your product or service from someone else. Make sure that you are already known to people when they make the decision to buy a product/service, you can achieve this with priming. This is the order of thinking for a customer: I need a [product]. Who sold this again? Oh yeah, [producer X] there I have to be. New on Frankwatching Personalize your employee journey in 7 steps 11:00 IKEA inhakers & 5 other examples of extraordinary content marketing 08:00 This is how you use customer data as part of a first-party data strategy ma Measuring = knowing:

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