Patients, clients and employees experience the benefits and authorities. Such as the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA) and health insurers have finally arranged the financing. Care at a distance is unstoppable and will play an important role in the pursuit of better and cheaper health care by offering ‘ the right care in the right place at the right time ‘.


A point of attention is the large group of healthcare workers and patients who do not yet have sufficient digital skills to handle remote care. Elderly woman speaks to doctor via tablet. Hybrid business models Paraguay Phone Number The corona virus is changing the behavior of consumers and companies. We do more online, work from home, have fun in our own home, help the kids with their schoolwork and are our own sports instructor.

For many entrepreneurs and freelancers

Crisis proof

Hey, but we are social animals! Indeed. So we go again en masse in long traffic jams to the office, school, the doctor and the city. In the coming years, it will be a matter of looking for a good balance between online and offline, in which hybrid business models and the platform business model are increasingly the starting point. 6. Think global, act local Global Challenges The discussion about globalization continues.

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