Now looking a little deeper, it is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic and associated social unrest has caused profound changes, whether in the social realm, in consumer behavior, or at the economic and technological level. And for this reason, trying to describe and define the year 2020 can seem like an almost impossible task.

Google looked at billions of search engine queries and consumer behavior in 2020, and analyzed polls and interviews. The result of this titanic research work is summarized in this article, and concerns 5 crucial elements relating to consumers, and which it is essential to know to optimize the marketing strategy of your company in 2021 and beyond.

Here are the 5 “insights” that Google is making available to all marketing teams wishing to perform this year, and that we will observe closely:

  1. Create a sense of control
  2. Find a balance
  3. Cultivate your connections
  4. Organize your house
  5. Act on your allies

Consumer insights to steer your marketing in the right direction in 2021 and beyond

1- Create a sense of control

At the start of 2021, most consumers still face a world filled with uncertainties, as the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet been ruled out. In this anxiety-provoking climate, where it is difficult to know what the situation will be in a month or two, and where the threat of confinement still looms, people value all the signals of comfort and the things that provide a little security. They look for ways to stay in control of their day-to-day lives and professional Malaysia Phone Number List careers, and proactively try to improve their lives. The question marketers need to ask themselves is this: How can we help consumers not only survive, but also be well?


Here are some interesting research elements that Google unearthed on this subject:

Queries of the type “Who has …” and “in stock” increased by 8000% compared to the previous year, while requests for fitness applications and online courses increased by 200% and 400%. % respectively.

People look for ways to take or regain control of their immediate environment, and look for items or activities that can provide emotional benefits. This can relate to children’s well-being, cooking and eating, ideas for the home, nature, leisure, or even camping.

We find that people try their best to relate the functional benefits to the emotional benefits.

Find a balance

While the desire for a more balanced life was felt as early as the middle of the year 2020, because of the coronavirus, this need is now more obvious and pressing than ever. People will try to find balance and limits in the emotional, physical and psychological dimensions, with themselves, but also with others. How can marketers help consumers achieve this balance?

Here’s what Google teaches us about it:

Research into “RV rentals nearby”, the concept of “staycation”, and meditation applications has grown tremendously (between 100 and 200%) compared to last year.

Cultivate your connections

The pandemic has limited the ability of people to build and maintain relationships in the real world. So we all looked for alternative ways to connect with each other, with a new emphasis on our loved ones, both individually, but also taking into account different communities (families, neighbors, work, etc. .). 

So how can marketers empower consumers to maintain the quality of their existing relationships, while providing them with opportunities to create new ones?

Google reports that “with friends online” and “local + business” queries grew strongly in 2020.

Organize your house

The constraints of COVID-19 on mobility have led many people to modify their personal space so that it is as multifunctional and comfortable as possible. While this emphasis on comfort is sure to continue, consumers also yearn to leave their homes to rediscover the pleasures of life. How will marketers be able to deal with this opposition?

According to Google, queries for the term “Simple design for the home” increased 200%, while searches for “virtual tours” exploded (+ 500%).

In several categories, searches including the term “at home” were multiplied by 10 compared to the previous year.

And since last year, searches of the type “to do at home” have increased by more than 600%, as for example “things to do at home

during quarantine. “

Act on your allies

In many parts of the world, the pandemic has coincided with a major social upheaval and the intensification of movements like Black Lives Matter in the United States. A need for change has arisen. According to a study conducted in 2020, it appears that 68% of Americans say that the reputation of companies at the level of social responsibility influences their purchasing decisions. This awareness is not disappearing and will likely influence branding choices in the future, as shown by the popularity of the following queries: “Can I help…” (+ 70%) and “Inclusion” (+ 100%).

It is clear that from now on, social causes have the power to influence the purchasing journey of consumers.

For Google, these “insights” will endure and shape the marketing strategies of 2021. Understanding them will provide marketers with opportunities to better meet the needs of consumers. The first thing businesses need to do is infuse data-driven thinking into all stages of their marketing. But what else can you do to prepare your business for lasting success in 2021 and beyond?

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