Facebook must regularly reinvent itself to reach its audience and its existing audience. The social network must indeed broaden its spectrum with new features to face increasingly fierce competition.

The Covid-19 has profoundly changed our daily lives, it is time to come back in force to the essential digital media.

Focus on The Latest News!

Facebook Shop

The most remarkable “feature” of recent times is obviously “ Facebook Shop ” and the possibility for brands to exploit new spaces to sell their products.

Particularly suitable for mobile purchases, Facebook Shop offers e-merchants the opportunity to upload products to the new virtual store of the social Poland Email List network to sell directly without going through an intermediary page.

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By making life easier for all those who want to use the world’s most popular social networks to do business, Marc Zuckerberg’s network is taking a new step by offering today a real e-commerce solution. Selling your products on Facebook has always been a powerful lever, but until now it was necessary to combine several platforms in order to sell your products.

While Facebook and its advertisements are well known in the online sales world for its ability to provide qualified potential customers, the network’s ambition today is to become a complete space where consumers can find and shop. acquisition of their favorite products without leaving the network.

The Circle Is Complete?

By allowing merchants to be able to create a store available on Facebook and Instagram, the social network uses all the levers at its disposal to facilitate the experience and streamline the purchasing process: Connection with WhatsApp Messenger, or Messenger, backup functions of products and collection from Facebook.

The influencers are also spoiled with the ability to tag products on their catalogs and may offer loyalty programs on their spaces. Although the idea behind all this is to stay on the network, Facebook has launched key partnerships with players like BigCommerce, Channel or even Shopify in order to make the transition painless.

Deployment of the hashtag “Support Small Business”: to support small businesses. Facebook has chosen this difficult period to support small businesses by offering new products to highlight them.

Support for small and medium-sized enterprises (VSEs) begins with the use of a hashtag: #SupportSmallBusiness hashtag on the application. Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes posts that include this TAG. “Tagged” companies can also repost these stories via their own profile.

At the same time, the social network also rolled out a new sticker for Instagram that allows users to share thumbnails in their story. “Today, we are announcing new ways to support and discover small businesses, as well as more tools to foster interactions between businesses and their customers” ()

Finally, the “Nearby businesses” feature has been revised to help users find businesses near them. The aim is to help users find local businesses and neighborhood stores, by encouraging users to consume locally rather than at “big” stores.

3 Things to Remember from This New Deployment to Help Small Businesses Gain Visibility:

1 – The “Small Business support” sticker

2 – The #SupportSmallBusinesses Hashtag on Facebook

3 – Finding nearby businesses

Facebook launches the “CatchUp” application for group chats Facebook CatchUp The pandemic has exploded the use of group calling. We can say that the Facetime, Skype and Zoom servers have really heated up and sign the start of new uses compatible with the current social distancing rules. Facebook’s experimental NPE team took the opportunity to release a new app to facilitate group phone calls. Named ” CatchUp “, the app lets you see when your friends are online and ready for a voice call, as well as group chats. The idea is to quickly find out if the contacts are available to join easily and quickly through an individual call or group chat.

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