Facebook launched a new feature on Tuesday : Facebook Shops

The most used social network in the world intends to concretize e-commerce interactions on Facebook and Instagram. Soon, from a Facebook page, each user will be able to create a shop (store / online store) configurable at will, with among other things a cover photo and featured products. This feature is timely, as online sales explode with the Covid-19.

Facebook Is Gaining Momentum with Its E-Commerce Features

Facebook and Instagram are the social networks most used by businesses to promote their products.

Thanks to its MarketPlace functionality, the first social network, namely Facebook, already intended to facilitate the Papua New Guinea Email List purchase of products between individuals. If Mark Zuckerberg’s group has lowered its outlook on its cryptocurrency (Libra), it nevertheless intends to open up more significantly to the e-commerce sector.

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At a time when the coronavirus is causing unprecedented economic damage, Facebook does not hesitate to innovate by almost unexpectedly offering an internal e-commerce solution: Facebook Shops.

This feature is aimed at merchants, who want to offer their subscribers the ability to buy their products directly from Facebook and Instagram without having to leave their pages. No need to run a marketing campaign and redirect users to an external sales page on your site or to an e-commerce space, everything will now be done on Facebook!

The shops will be accessible from Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, but also via stories and advertisements. No need to visit multiple sites or multiple apps to buy a product online.

Facebook Shops is first available in the United States. Sellers can therefore offer payments from their Facebook interface, which will charge commissions for good and loyal service. Buyers, meanwhile, will be able to ask questions about the 3 messaging apps: WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. “  Our goal is to make shopping easier and ensure that everyone, from a small SME to an international brand, can use our apps to connect with customers,  ” says Mark Zuckerberg.

A Relevant Innovation, but Still Limited

Facebook claims more than 160 million companies active on its platform, a godsend? Not for everyone since not all of these companies will have immediate access to the Facebook Shop functionality. As part of an experimentation process, only 1 million companies are selected. Among which: WooCommerce , Channel Advisor, Cafe24, Feedonomics, Tienda Nube, BigCommerce, Shopify , and many more.

In a few weeks, e-merchants will therefore be able to buy advertisements on Facebook ADS to promote their stores on other channels, in particular Instagram. The social network aims to continue this momentum by also offering the sale from the messaging software WhatsApp and Messenger.

In the same vein as Google Shopping, the social network Facebook is focusing on e-commerce with its new Shop functionality. If Google’s sales application has been extremely successful since its inception, that of Facebook is, so far, embryonic. Since 2007, users of the social network can sell their second-hand products through the group’s Marketplace.

Last year, the company also started experimenting with a few brands (American only), payments within Instagram. Professional Facebook pages also allowed traders to see the statistics of their publications or the list of their different points of sale. The “purchase” tab referred to the website of the advertiser or seller.

Facebook shops is therefore the tool that will complement these different offers. E-merchants who do not appear in the list of one million companies authorized to test “shop” should be able to benefit from it in the more or less near future. A feature that is therefore to be watched for all those doing business on the social networks FB and Instagram.

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