This ubiquity ensures that in many workplaces it no longer feels strange to send a wink to a colleague in an email or app. In fact, it can just give your message that needed boost if you can’t physically see each other and other non-verbal communication like facial expression or intonation is missing. Emojis can soften your message, make it clear that you mean something sarcastic, or just spice things up a bit. Especially when covid-19 kept us at home en masse and all communication went through online channels, the emojis flew up and down. And now say for yourself, which wish looks more sympathetic: ‘Get well soon.’ or ‘Get well soon ‘?

Respectful internal communication

In a 2020 US survey by Clutch, 77% said they regularly General Manager Email List use emojis in business communications. To maintain the tone, add emotions or just be able to react quickly. Most users find that it has a positive, respectful and understandingimpact on their likeability and reliability at work. Although people sometimes still feel insecure about the selection and almost everyone expects emojis to occasionally cause miscommunication.

General Manager Email List

Example of confusion created by the use of emojis

First of all, according to her, it is important that the communication flows are in order internally. We have now reached the point where all technology enables us to communicate with each other, 1-on-1 or in a group. Now it is time for the next step: namely that technology will also connect us more with each other.  In addition, this trend report from Adobe shows that more than half of emoji users indicate that emojis affect their mental health. And more than three quarters of users feel they contribute to a more harmonious, respectful and understanding environment. Inclusive emojis help to start positive conversations about cultural and social issues, according to 70% of respondents.

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