It is actually a copy of our current world, but digitally. And in a digital world, the possibilities are endless. But what good is such a digital copy? Aren’t we almost living among the flying trains, robots and neon-colored spaces? Good question and it’s hard to put your finger on exactly this, as is the impact of the internet on our lives. Do you remember those days before the internet?

Other industries

The metaverse is a similar development. In 10 years we will no longer be able to imagine our digital life without it. Also read: What is the metaverse and what role does blockchain play in this? The foundation for this 3D world was actually laid in the 90s. Author Neal Stephenson already Senegal Phone Number described a version of the metaverse in his book Snow Crash. Recently (October 2021) CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is getting a new name:

Examples in e-commerce 

Meta. It’s not just the title that changes, as the company is undergoing a complete rebrand. Obviously because Zuckerberg bets high on the metaverse. Partly because of this, the attention for the metaverse increased exponentially, as a result of which the crypto world also scored highly. Thanks to my work, I have the luxury of combining my favorite activity (writing!) with researching things like blockchain, crypto and the metaverse.

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