The customer, are other ways of searching for customers not also relevant? In my opinion, most insights are gained ‘internally’. By this I mean: reasoning back from your own statistics and looking ahead at how a visitor arrived at your site, clicked through and/or continues. Using your own data, your own research and listening to your marketing colleagues.

Two important questions that arise for me are:

Looking beyond your own website Analytics of the site indicate, among other things, that there is direct traffic to your website (visitor usually immediately typed in your own URL), whether the visitor came from another website X, or whether the visitor just left your site to another Brazil Phone Number page Y . Often it is not looked at and analyzed. What is happening on page X or page Y, and that is a pity.

Things that block and complicate this

This provides a lot of additional information. For example: what did the customer show interest in before coming to you? And what made the customer decide to leave your website. Showing genuine interest in the customer is important for a good, new (customer) relationship. Especially in the preliminary phase, when the customer/visitor may not even know you yet.

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