This is also relevant for other teams involved in the customer journey. For example, think of SEA, SEO and UX teams. What great results can we achieve if they start working together more? In China they go one step further, as you can read in the article from Harvard Business Review. They ensure that giving reviews is part of the customer journey. They are transparent and unbiased.

But how do you get

Fake reviews are a persistent phenomenon in the Netherlands.  Representatives banning fake reviews. How reviews are given in China The Chinese retail reviews do. Not consist of a score or a short comment. They focus Azerbaijan Phone Number on detailed commentary, often with photos or videos. In addition, they use video live streaming (by CEOs, artists or professional sellers, for example) and consumers trust independent review sites more than we do in the west.

This raises the following questions:

Chinese retail companies add every imaginable (video) review channel to the customer journey, so that consumers can share experiences everywhere. In this way they not only ensure that customers leave reviews, but these reviews also ensure that trust in the company grows. Where most Dutch companies stop at the purchase of the product in the customer journey, the Chinese retailers continue here too. For example, they put a lot of energy into the last step of the customer journey: loyalty.

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