In recent years, e-commerce has grown significantly compared to traditional physical commerce.

Consumer habits have evolved since computer technology has influenced society and more particularly the universe of commerce and digital marketing.

E-commerce: what are we talking about?

E-commerce, online sales, online commerce, distance selling, electronic commerce or even e-commerce refers to a commercial activity carried out online and using computer networks and more precisely the Internet.

The moment you decide to sell products or services on your website, you are doing e-commerce. However, you cannot engage in Bahrain Email List trading activity on just any site.

You need to create merchant sites that take the form of online stores or even online stores.

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The creation of such sites requires the use of CMS such as Prestashop, Shopify or Magento or the programming of a home site oriented “online sales”. You can also open transactions through the mobile phone networks of smartphones, we will then speak of mobile commerce or even m-mobile (mobile commerce). E-commerce is of interest to more and more companies, in particular to limit expenses related to logistics and to ensure a digital presence on the web.

It all started in the United States and it was in Uncle Sam’s Country that E-commerce was born and the first online transaction was recorded in the city of Philadelphia.

Electronic commerce

Electronic commerce has subsequently spread all over the world and in France where brands known as Les 3 Suisses and La Redoute did not wait to offer online shopping options.

A small revolution at the time, a common operation today, e-commerce is a new way of doing business without consumers having to leave their homes! Faced with this rapid development in online sales, a directive has been adopted by the European Union on electronic commerce. France has also done the same by transposing this European directive into a “law for confidence in the digital economy”.

Electronic commerce is on the rise and among the biggest names in the field are eBay, Cdiscount and Leboncoin. Recent studies have shown that no less than 60% of French people make online purchases each year and this rate is constantly increasing given the boom in e-commerce.

The FEVAD or federation of electronic commerce and distance selling is a professional union which defends the interests of e-merchants; it offers expertise in all of the aforementioned areas in order to support traders in their procedures and in the mediation of disputes.

How does e-commerce look?

There are many forms of e-commerce, however, if you are thinking of getting into this industry, you should know them all.

the classification can be done according to the type of customer or the mode of purchase here are some examples:

E-commerce according to the type of customer
If you want to understand e-commerce from a customer type perspective, note that there are four main models to follow namely B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C e-commerce.

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