The Online Sales Market Generates Billions of Dollars. This sector is not only growing, but at the same time there is also a significant margin of the population which has not yet converted into cyber shoppers. In this context, the increase in transactions carried out on e-commerce sites is increasing year by year. France, although slightly behind compared to other countries, is a market place of choice for e-merchants and well placed on the grid. Supported in France by the federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevad), the evolution of commerce and consumer behavior deserves to be closely interested.

Some Key Figures

92.6 billion euros is the amount that according to Fevad was spent by the French on the web. This figure corresponds to an increase of 13.4% compared to the figures recorded last year. On the other hand, it will be necessary to take into account the conjecture relating to the activities of the yellow vests which considerably slowed down the increase in the figures at the end of the Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email List year. From October to December, it was therefore observed a decrease of 16 to 14%, then to 8%. Fevad said in this regard that this slowdown is equivalent to a drop in revenue estimated at around 600 million euros. In the same dynamic, the figures recorded in 2018 showed a drop in the average value of transactions of around 5 euros.

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It therefore fell to around 60 euros. If this drop does not impact the annual figures recorded in the sector, it is because at the opposite end, the number of e-buyers has increased, thus contributing to an increase in the number of transactions carried out. Thus, there is a net increase of 20.7%, or an additional 1.5 billion online orders. Let us recall in this regard that the decline in the average value of transactions has been a trend since 2012 and seems to be continuing. That said, these are not the only factors that have contributed to this increase in e-commerce figures in France. We should also mention the growth in the number of websites available. There were 21,800 more in 2018 alone, bringing the number of online shopping sites to around 200,000. An increase of around 12.6%.

Much Due to Mobile Purchase

This iCM makes it possible to measure the quantity of sales made on the internet thanks to smartphones or tablets (mobile interfaces in general) via sites or applications. The index itself is up 22% against a 38% advance achieved in 2017.

In 2018, the index of companies that are leaders in selling products online jumped 7%. This is the iCE 100 index which aims to analyze B2C sales. This progress nevertheless remains down by around 1.6 points, compared to that achieved in 2017. In addition, even if the yellow vests crisis had an impact on all sectors linked to shops, it is minor on the side of the leaders of French e-commerce who remain in their locomotive places in France.

Consumers therefore place their trust in the most well-known brands with a storefront. A promising first quarter in 2019 The first three months of 2019 saw some very promising figures for e-commerce. Around 38.8 billion euros have already been spent, an increase of 1.3 billion compared to 2018 over the same period. A booming start to the delight of e-merchants who carefully scrutinize the purchasing behavior of their potential customers.

This is explained by the fact that 87.5% of French e-buyers have already made purchases on the web since the start of the year according to figures made public by the Observatoire des Usages Internet de Médiamétrie.

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