This creates the commitment that is necessary to make it a successful event for them. During a true hybrid event, the online visitor has an equal experience to the physical visitor. Another additional advantage is the data that you can collect in order to approach visitors even more personally. A nice way to organize this is this example from Panasonic : Panasonic-Hybrid-Events Source:

During a true hybrid event Trend 4: New ways of identifying after third-party cookie ban and iOS 15 and the deployment of CDPs As a marketer, you are probably aware of the fact that a lot is going to change around Guatemala Phone Number third-party cookies . In addition, there are developments in email marketing. Think of the Apple Mail Privacy Protection. Which ensures that the e-mail activity of Apple Mail users can no longer be tracked in e-mail marketing packages.

There are several options

So you will have to look for ways to identify people. An important starting point is that you focus on data that you manage yourself, the so-called first-party data. In addition to the possibilities that Google still offers in the field of aggregated data, this is the most obvious strategy for companies. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). Will be used more to build up your own customer view.

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