Drew Houston co-founded Dropbox at the age of 24. Since 2007, the online image and data storage and sharing platform has continued to develop. It is used by 500 million people around the world. She made the fortune of Drew Houston, considered by his peers as one of the figures of the NET. In February 2020, the CEO of Dropbox joined the small club of Facebook administrators .

Drew Houston: a talented young man
Drew Houston was born March 4, 1983 in Acton, Massachusetts.

Young Drew is a smart kid. “He was a precocious child. He could read at 18 months. When he was 2½ years old, he started playing games on our computer, ”his parents, Ken and Cecily Houston, said in an interview.

Computer enthusiast, legend has it that he started coding at the age of 14 to create online video games. At the age of 15, Drew Houston worked for a start-up specializing in robotics. He then took care of part of the coding. It is therefore natural that Drew Houston Georgia Email List chooses to continue his studies in computer science. He joined MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) from where he graduated.

He does not yet know it, but it is at this time that he meets another student who will take an important place in his life: Arash Ferdowsi. Together, Drew and Arash, who was born in 1985, will found and develop Dropbox.

My Incredible Co-Founder

In June 2013, invited by MIT, Drew Houston will discuss the importance of this meeting during the speech he will deliver to the students.

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“They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Think about it for a moment: who would be in your circle? I have good news: MIT is one of the best places in the world to start building that circle. If I had not come here […] I would not have met my incredible co-founder, Arash, and there would be no Dropbox ”.

Drew Houston Co-Founder Dropbox
Drew Houston was 24 when he co-founded Dropbox.

Legend has it that the idea to launch Dropbox came to him the day he lost a USB drive that contained important documents. True or false, it doesn’t matter, the idea of ​​creating a platform for storing and sharing images and data online is going to turn out to be brilliant. The possibility of archiving and synchronizing files online and sharing them with other computers by depositing in a “Dropbox” folder meets a real need.

The relevance of the solution developed by young entrepreneurs did not escape a certain Steve Jobs. In 2009, just two years after the creation of Dropbox, the boss of Apple made an offer to the two young leaders. And not the least. According to Forbes , Jobs would have offered Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi to buy their company for 800 million dollars. The duo will afford the luxury of declining the proposal.

Dropbox: A Constantly Evolving Platform

Of course, all the big net companies are working on similar projects. To develop and continue to accumulate users, Dropbox is constantly enriched with new tools and features. The novelties are raining. Solution intended for individuals, at its inception, the platform positioned itself on the professional market from 2015. And the tool ensures that it is enriched to interest and retain the business world. You have to, because Dropbox is free for individuals who are excellent brand ambassadors. It is the businesses that therefore generate the income.

“Our priority is to help you focus”
At the end of 2019, Dropbox benefits from the contribution of artificial intelligence to generate personalized recommendations. The platform also strengthens the integration of PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheets and other Google Docs within its interface. Users can also chat on Slack and start video conferences with the Zoom software. “The amount of information and the repeated interruptions make it very difficult to get your brain to work. Our priority is to help you focus. None of the other products has succeeded in doing that, ”underlines Drew Houston, in a press release accompanying the release of the new version. The provisional reports for the first half of 2020, unveiled by Dropbox, confirmed that the developments were relevant, companies are adhering to.

1.9 Billion Turnover in 2019

For 2019, Dropbox claimed 500 million users, including 14 million payers. This represents an increase of 1.6 million in one year. Other figures give an idea of ​​what Dropbox “weighs” today. When it went public in 2018, the platform was valued at $ 12.4 billion. In its 11 years of existence, Dropbox has managed to raise more than $ 2 billion. It generated a turnover of 1.106 billion dollars in 2017, an increase of 31% compared to 2016. The turnover was 1.3 billion in 2018, then 1.9 billion in 2019 .

World number 1
Dropbox is considered one of the best companies in Silicon Valley. A new award was added to its list in April 2020. “We are delighted to announce that Dropbox has ranked No. 1 in the world ranking of the 100 best G2 software companies for 2020. The G2’s Best Software Awards rank the world’s best software and software companies based on genuine user reviews, ”the platform said in a press release.

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