Free access to posters for the la mercè festivities and events. In barcelona, ​​created by important designers designers, brands and institutions know that posters are not just pieces of information. For this reason, and for decades now, the city of barcelona has decided to tell stories and highlight its cultural heritage at the hands of important designers and illustrators who filter local symbols in their creative work. These creations have become collectors items for city dwellers and tourists alike, who want to take home an original print that is not easy to come by. That is why you will be happy to know that the city council of barcelona has made the most recent pieces available for free, as well as the historical posters so you can review the designs and you can download or print them.


The importance of the poster in history

Download the fabulous barcelona city council posters for e-commerce photo editing free 2 sant jordi by david de las heras illustration and escola studio design. The importance of the poster in history before the arrival of. Web portals, twitter or whatsapp, posters were the most accurate form of dissemination. The history of the poster has always been closely linked to the. Movement and the reality of cities , as a faithful reflection of the social, political and cultural reality in which its inhabitants were immersed. The city of barcelona still has strategic points such as plaça de. Catalunya or las ramblas to make all kinds of products, shows and news visible. Download the fabulous barcelona city council posters for free 4 through its posters, the city also transmits messages.

e-commerce photo editing

How to get the posters

Carmela caldart illustration and patricia luján design. And ASB Directory even today, when we can access multiple digital platforms to spread news, the appearance of these posters continues to generate expectations. Discovering who was the artist selected to carry out a piece for the festivities of la mercè. Sant jordi the day of the book and the rose or some other. Local campaign and what interpretation has been given to tradition, is an important part of life culture of the city. In the creative field, in addition, the posters have become spaces. Considered a special recognition of the work of the visual artists who are summoned. With authors signature an. Example of the personal interpretation that artists make of local symbols is the work done. By the french artist malika favre for this years. City festivities that coincide with the 150th anniversary of the mercè celebration.

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