Unfortunately, the people thought otherwise. The strange plant was not received with open arms. The tuber soon relegated to pig feed or food for the poorest. In Prussia, the cultivation and eating of the potato was even made compulsory by ruler Frederick the Great, but that too ended in a fiasco.

However, Frederik decided not to let it go, he used a clever influencing technique that would make the potato immensely popular.

That stood out of course, because other brands mainly shoute that you had to buy something. But that’s not the style of Patagonia, which is committd to making the world cleaner, more beautiful and more sustainable.

Reactance from the public was the result (consciously or unconsciously) and sales of the brand increasd. I don’t know exactly whether that is a good or a bad outcome in their case, because they actually advocate that people buy less new clothes.

This is how the potato became popular: reverse psychology

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

Not long after the dramatic introduction, Frederick forbade his people to eat potatoes any longer. Ordinary farmers were no longer allowed to grow the potato, it became a royal product. The potato was only allowed to be grown in the gardens of Frederick the Great. The common citizen was no longer Design Directors Managers Email Lists allowed to eat this royal vegetable, and that led to, yes, rebellion. The potato quickly became popular in Prussia and its cultivation and consumption. Common citizen was no longer allowed to eat this royal vegetable of the potato expanded to the entire empire.

We want to decide for ourselves: Project X

In psychology we often speak of ‘reactance’ (Brehm, 1966). When we have to do something, we prance. Even when we are not allowed to do something, you can count on resistance.

Do we remember Project X Haren? Where the youth were not allowed to come to Haren to party? Perhaps not the most convenient approach, because in this way the municipality encouraged Reactance, Social Proof and Fear Of Missing Out. All the more reason to go to Haren anyway, even if you didn’t intend to. 

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