After all, your potential customer has already shown interest in you, you have managed to lead them to your website and landing page through the right way – and way of communication – and this should have increased the interest and willingness to buy. In concrete situations I have been able to achieve turnover increases of 25% with this. But also the time spent on page and the number of pages visited in one session.

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In principle, this type of social listening/media monitoring tool is often intended to respond to social media posts. But this way of deploying it gives precisely that ‘twist’ that marketers sometimes need. Personally, I think that looking at things differently is enlightening. Yes, you France Phone Number are sometimes more of a pioneer and you will have to explain things like this more often, or organizations and colleagues will not understand you (yet).

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Or you have to clarify or demonstrate this with demos and reports. That makes the marketing profession (increasingly) more fun, and sometimes a bit more difficult because not everyone understands you ‘immediately’ and understands what you are doing. Keep on going ! Rome was not built in a day… Talk to your customer Another way to improve the customer experience is to collect customer feedback.

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