On the other hand, a lot of money has been spent to keep the economy. Afloat and the new cabinet needs. Billions to solve a large number of social problems. Will the government have enough money left over for the energy transition? Due to the corona crisis and sharply rising prices (inflation). Many citizens and companies will be short of cash for a long time.

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They are probably unable to invest enough in new climate measures, which, for example, causes the production processes, homes and transport to become more sustainable. Will it be a climate acceleration or deceleration? We cannot afford the latter. 12. Winners and Losers Taiwan Phone Number Crisis proof Every crisis has winners and losers. Also during the corona crisis. Winners include online service providers, streaming services, supermarkets, delivery services, electronics retailers, horticultural and hardware stores and manufacturers of protective equipment.

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We find losers in catering, tourism, culture, sports, at conferences, events, museums, theatres, amusement parks, aviation, broadcasting, retail and export. Companies that make it through have made their strategy crisis -proof in time , but often need a long time to return to their old level. Reinvent For many entrepreneurs and freelancers, the support of the government, tax authorities and banks is nice, but postponement of execution. Deferred.

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