You respond to an impulse from the familiar. You know that lion is wrong. Also read: IKEA and its soft serve strategy: what can you learn from this? For example, if your partner approaches you, you will likely have a different reaction than the lion. Unless you have a reason to react otherwise. Children also have this effect. They gradually adopt (or test) the emotions and movements of their parents and know exactly when they need to go for a walk.

Three priming examples

The reason you’re “on” in a split second when you see danger is because of this priming effect. You react to colors, silhouettes and even smells and know you have to act. We see this primitive behavior in the entire animal world. How nice would it be if you Turkey Phone Number evoke a calm and familiar feeling when people think of your brand? Exactly, great! An example of priming in its purest form If you’re my age (37), you’ve probably heard of the Blue Band lacing diploma. An amazing phenomenon from a marketing point of view.

that will boost your marketing

Children in groups 2 or 3 learn to tie their shoelaces and receive their shoelace diploma, sponsored by Blue Band. Now you may think this is completely harmless, but this is a very strong form of priming. It has been shown that the sooner a person comes into contact with a product, the higher the chance that that person will later opt for that brand. Blue Band also does this if you have had a child. Less than 3 days after you have registered your child at the registry office, you will receive a nice package with a plate, knife & fork from the brand.

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