If digital technology is one of the priority projects in the government’s recovery plan, the development of work-study programs in digital studies is now presented as the path to excellence, beneficial to both parties. A recent quantitative study confirms what work-study students from the Digital School of Paris in particular already sensed.

Choosing a Work-Study Program for Your Studies in A Web School, a Double Winning Choice

If Work-Study and Apprenticeship Are Avenues that Public Authorities Seek to Promote with Companies, They Already Appear to Be the Preferred Courses for Students, in Almost All Fields. with Regard to Higher Education in Digital Technology, the Professionalization Contract Allows Students to Acquire Real Professional Experience. Not only Does Integration Into Our Web School in Paris Ensure Complete Immersion in The Digital World, but Following Work- Study Studies Also Guarantees a Significant First Iraq Email List Professional Approach, Beneficial to Future Professional Integration.

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For the Student, the Choice of The Work-Study Program Makes It Possible to Satisfy a Double Objective:

Professionalization Strengthens the Attractiveness of The Candidate’s Profile for His Future Search for A Job in Connection with The Diploma Prepared. the Work-Study Program Also Responds to The Delicate Question of Financing Studies.

Work-Study Training, an Indisputable Path of Excellence for The Company and Society as A Whole

Beneficial for Students, Learning Is Valued by The Government, and Since the Start of The Health Crisis, Professionalization Contracts Have Multiplied to Reach Record Levels (and These Should Still Be Exceeded During the Year 2021). to Verify the Relevance of These Choices, a Report Was Commissioned on The Subject, and Unveiled to The Public on October 4 by The Asterès Cabinet.

And the Conclusions Are Final, Since Stressing that Learning for Post-Baccalaureate Studies Allows Students to Acquire the Skills Really Sought by The Company. It Is Therefore Natural for Work-Study Students to Experience a Higher Integration Rate and A Higher Level of Remuneration than Students Who Favored the Initial Path. the Benefit for The community estimated by the study still amounts to between 2,000 and 5,000 € per work-study program. ThisThe study thus concludes that work-study programs for post-baccalaureate higher education must be considered as an investment that creates value for both society and public finances.”

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